Miami Gardens police offer turkeys instead of tickets before Thanksgiving

It was a good thing to get pulled over by the police in Miami Gardens on Thursday morning.

With Thanksgiving a week away, Miami Gardens police had some holiday fun by pulling drivers over, but instead of giving out tickets, they gave away turkeys.

Unsuspecting drivers pulling into a Walmart parking lot and nearby streets thought they had done something wrong. But just after handing over their license and registration, they were given one big bird surprise.

“It’s not always about enforcing the law,” said Miami Gardens police chief Delma Noel-Pratt. “Sometimes it’s about giving somebody a helping hand that is in need.”

A member of the Miami Gardens police department came up with the idea to do something different this holiday season.

Appreciative drivers were relieved to be getting a gift instead of a citation, even if some believed they should have been cited.

“I didn’t think I did anything (wrong),” said Luz Vazquez, a lucky turkey recipient. “But I did because I didn’t have my seatbelt on!”

If you missed out on receiving a ticket, don’t go breaking any rules of the road. Miami Gardens police are still handing out tickets for real violations, but it is always fun to get into the holiday spirit.

“This is the time of giving and it’s always good to give back,” said Noel-Pratt. “That’s one thing I always stress to the men and women of this police department.”

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