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Michael at the Petroglyph National Monument, home of Kokopelli, in Albuquerque, New Mexico October 2016.

Michael at the Petroglyph National Monument, home of Kokopelli, in Albuquerque, New Mexico October 2016.

BBSNews started in 1990 in the Ohio Valley. We started out as Bulletin Board System News, which is of course, where the name came from, BBSNews.

Back then it was just the BBSNews BBS with eight lines and a 19″ rack of first XT’s, and then later really fast processors like the 20 mhz 80286 came out who hoo! :-). The first time I connected to a BBS was with an acoustic modem on a hardwire landline Plain Old Telephone Service line (POTS), I shit you not. The modem consisted of two rubber cups that you put the handset in and the signal would be received at the whopping speed of 300 baud. You could literally watch the characters slowly type across the screen much like you type now, that was pre-Web pre decent monitors, it was really quite primitive yet exhilarating to see it work.

And of course, with ever improving technology over the years BBSNews morphed into much more than that, spending as many years on the East Coast as in the Deep South, more years in the Southwest in New Mexico, and now here in West Palm Beach, Florida at the scene of the orange buffoon of doom (OBOD), while we carried what some used to call “alternative news.” The continuing attempt to inform people who were looking for more detailed information, deeper understanding, and scientific and tech knowledge just for the fun of it continues now in our twenty-seventh year.

In the 90’s and early 2000’s BBSNews was a larger news site, before the downsizing that befell so many online news sources. Then as now, we covered politics and world affairs and science and technology and weather and all the things you would associate with a news site during the early days and hay day of the InterWeb.

I am still writing today about Palestine at the new Hasbara Club News.

Here at BBSNews we currently carry original news and analysis, plus news from the Palestine Chronicle, Atheist Alliance International, NASA, Challenge Magazine, Mintpress, Native Online, NM Politics where Heath Haussman just won an award for his reporting, WPLG Channel 10 in West Palm Beach and other solid sources. We leave fake news to the right wing where it has long been. The Weather page is based on various official U.S. sources and Weather for New Mexico, Florida and national weather and live radars.

Welcome readers!

Welcome to no pop-ups! Or insidious videos! Just real news.

Michael Hess

Reach me at [email protected] for submissions or use our Contact Page to send suggestions for content or features.


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