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BBSNews started in 1990. We started out as Bulletin Board System News, which is where the name came from; BBSNews. And of course over the years BBSNews morphed into much more than that, what some used to call “alternative news”. A full featured news site that covered politics and world affairs and science and technology and weather and all the things you would associate with a news site.

I am still writing today about Palestine, Politics, and Space and I am curating news for this site from various alternative news sources from around the world through syndication. BBSNews is based on the WordPress CMS framework and I am using a heavily modified theme called Tempera.

We are currently carrying original news and analysis, the Palestine Chronicle, International Middle East Media Center (IMEMC), Integrated Regional Information Networks (IRIN), Atheist Alliance International, NASA, Challenge Magazine and other sources. The Weather page is based on various official U.S. sources and Weather for US.

I removed syndicated news from the American Task Force on Palestine (ATFP) after I learned, late to my sad admission, that Rashid Khalidi is no longer involved because ATFP has taken a decidedly pro-colonialism approach and that is fatal to the peace process, such that it is.

It is my goal to provide the latest news about religion, politics, foreign policy and the seemingly intractable Israeli-Palestinian conflict (it is solvable with the Arab Peace Initiative). I pull together these stories from a wide variety of sources that span a wide range of viewpoints to make it easier for those who are really interested in what is going on in Palestine to learn about the issues in one place, here at BBSNews.

I believe that there can finally be peace in the Middle East when international law is applied equally, for the very first time, to the state of Israel instead of all other states in the Middle East where the United States tends to shoot first, and ask questions later. Unless there’s oil of course; then there can be shooting and then negotiations over who gets the spoils of the oil, later.

That my friends, is the answer to ‘why do they hate us?’ We treat the Middle East as America’s gas station without much thought at all about the people who live in the region.

Until the bedrock international legal principle of ‘territory acquired by force of war is inadmissible’ is enforced against Israel, there can be no just solution or peace. People have a legal right to resist the theft of their land and resources and the killings of entire families by an occupier state, to do otherwise would have made the French Resistance illegal.

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