Student protests continue in wake of Parkland school shooting

Student protests are continuing this week in South Florida following the Parkland school shooting, and on Tuesday dozens of students gathered outside Fort Lauderdale High School to make their voices heard.

Students held signs with messages such as, "Our blood is on your hands," and chanted different things like, "We want change."

The students told Local 10 News that they are protesting against the National Rifle Association of America donating to political campaigns in Congress and are demanding a change to the country's gun laws.

Numerous drivers honked their horns in support of the students' message.

Earlier in the morning, a couple of students hopped the fence of the school to join the other students during for the protest.

One student said he skipped school to be at the protest. Another said it was considered an unexcused absence, but her parents knew and were supportive of her decision.

Three police vehicles were outside the school to control the crowd.

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