Teen possibly contracted HIV after being sexually assaulted at high school, family says

A 14-year-old girl from Miami Gardens is waiting to see whether she contracted HIV after she said she was sexually assaulted by several boys who attended the same school as her.

The incidents at Miami Carol City Senior High School happened last fall on separate occasions, according to the student.

The teen told Local 10 News that she had intercourse and oral sex in a school bathroom during school hours with three teenage boys. 

In two of the incidents, the girl said she felt pressured into the act and made it clear she was uncomfortable. 

"He was holding onto my sweater really tight and I was trying to leave to get back to class, and he kind of just pulled me into the restroom," the teen said. 

The teen's mother said the girl told a teacher about the incident and described how she was led into a bathroom stall and cried about what happened. 

"I was so shocked and I was kind of traumatized, and I was scared in that moment that when I was in the restroom with him, I was never going to leave," the girl said. 

A few weeks after the last encounter, the mother said investigators told her that one of the boy's relatives came forward and said he was HIV positive — a claim the boy's family later took back. 

"She also told me that this kid was sexually active around 12, 13 years old, so there could more girls out there that don't know they are infected," the girl's mother said. 

School police would not comment about the incident.

In statement, a representative from the Miami-Dade County Public Schools said, "School district administrators, in conjunction with Miami-Dade Schools Police, are thoroughly investigating. 

"Information regarding the case has been provided to the State Attorney's Office, as well as the Department of Children and Families (DCF).  At this time, since this is still an ongoing investigation, we cannot provide further comment."

The teen's mother said she wants justice for her daughter.

"I hope this doesn't happen to any other girl or guy. It's bad. I hope they get arrested," she said.  

The teen was put on medication to try and prevent the infection. 

Local 10 News was told that the three students were suspended, but the school district would not comment on the suspension. The teen has since withdrawn from the school. 

The State Attorney's Office has the case and will decide whether charges will be filed.    

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