Bicyclists killed in Pembroke Pines

A woman driving a black SUV with a New York license plate struck and killed a bicyclist on University Drive near North Perry Airport early Sunday morning, according to the Pembroke Pines Police Department. 

The woman told police officers that she didn't see the man who was riding a bicycle northbound along University Drive between Pembroke Road and Pines Boulevard.

The SUV crashed into a pole about 12 blocks away from the man's body and mangled bicycle. The woman and a front-seat passenger said they jumped out when they thought the airbags were catching on fire and the car was unoccupied when it crashed. 

"From their point of view, there was an explosion in the car and there was a lot of smoke," Sgt. John Baker, a spokesman for the Pembroke Pines Police Department, said. 

The crash investigation took over the northbound lanes of University Drive from Pembroke Road to Pines Boulevard, and the southbound lanes of University Drive from Pembroke Road to about Northwest Third Street. 

Pembroke Pines Fire Rescue took the woman driving the SUV and the front seat passenger to Memorial Regional Hospital. The fatal crash and the single-vehicle crash remained under investigation. 

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