Apps help women newly diagnosed with breast cancer

Fear can be blinding and the to do list that comes with a breast cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming.

Developers designed mobile phone applications to help women who willl be facing grueling treatments to stay organized during the difficult process. 

These 10 apps were designed to help patients during treatment:

1. iPHARMACY: This app is free. If you forget what that purple pill was or what it was for, you can take a picture of it and upload it, so the app helps you identify it. Download here: iTunes | Google Play

2. CAREZONE: The app is free. This is also for medication management. You can scan the medication's label and it will store all of the details. Download here: iTunes | Google Play

3. POCKET CANCER CARE GUIDE: The app helps patients come up with relevant questions for their doctors after diagnosis. Download here: iTunes 

4.  MY CANCER COACH: The app is free. It includes a journal to record audio of doctors during appointments and a glossary to help look up terms. Download here:  iTunes | Google Play 

5. BEYOND THE SCHOCK: The app is free. As a question and an expert will answer. Download here: iTunes 

6. CARING BRIDGE: The app is free. It allows a log in with your Facebook account and helps patients create their website to communicate needs to family and friends. Download here:  iTunes

7. MY JOURNEY COMPASS: The app is free. It is designed to help patients keep track of the treatment's side effects. Download here: Android 

8. iCANcer: The app helps to store information that is relevant during treatment such as lab results and diagnosis. It is about $3. Download here: iPhone 

9. LIVESTRONG DICTIONARY: The app allows users to search more than 6,000 English and Spanish terms defined by the National Cancer Institute. Download here: iPhone 

10. CANCER SUPPORT SOURCE: The app helps patients connect with a Cancer Support Community meeting nearby or online. Download here: iPhone


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