Special education teacher searches for new home after house fire

It's been a rough couple of years for Francis Carpenter. 

First, her husband died. Then on Saturday, Carpenter lost her home in a fire, leaving her and her grandchildren homeless. 

"This month it will be two years since he passed away. The day after he passed away, I got full guardianship of my two grandchildren. I've been taking care of my two grandkids," she said. "Everything we have is gone. Now I'm displaced."

The special education teacher at North County K-8 Center was working in her home office on Saturday when the fire started in the  attic of her Miami Gardens home. A neighbor noticed the flames and ran over to tell her to get out.

Carpenter, along with her grandchildren and two dogs, raced outside before the flames engulfed the entire house. 

"We all made it out safe. Just the shock of standing here and nothing we can do," she said. 

Part of the roof is now gone as a result of the fire and most of her belongings were left charred. 

Carpenter, who doesn't have renters insurance, stopped by her house Monday to salvage what little she could from the ashes. 

She is looking for a new place to live and is temporarily staying with her son. 

Carpenter said she is thankful that everyone managed to get out in time. 

 "At the end of the day, I'm glad we are all here," she said. "Things can be replaced. Lives can't." 

To donate to Carpenter and her family, visit her GoFundMe page

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