Girl caught in middle of custody battle returns to mom’s arms

After disappearing with his 4-year-old daughter without notifying her mother, Joel Delgado told police officers he did it because he was in the middle of a parental custody battle. 

Lidice Miramontes told police officers Delgado picked up their daughter Joelys from her home in Opa-locka Sept. 30, and he was supposed to return her on Monday.

The detectives investigating the child abduction released his identity asking for the public's help Friday. Once Delgado found out his picture was all over the news, he decided to explain his whereabouts. 

"He called the police and said 'Listen, I have my daughter and I want to give you the address to show you that I haven't done anything mischievous,'" Opa-locka Chief James Dobson said. 

Dobson said they found Delgado in the area of St. Petersburg and recovered the little girl to be reunited with her distraught mother Saturday. 

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