Father juggling 2 kids nearly lost son during carjacking

A father who was juggling two kids Friday afternoon nearly lost one during a carjacking, according to the Pembroke Pines Police Department. 

Arnett Phillips was with his son when he was picking up his younger sibling from the Kiddle City Early Education Center on North University Drive near Taft Street. He was supposed to be in and out in a second. 

"He chose to leave his son inside the vehicle," Sgt. Darryl Curtiss said. 

The engine was running, while the boy was sleeping in the back seat. The 27-year-old father walked out of the daycare in Pembroke Pines with one child in his left arm. The car and his son were gone. 

Curtiss said the two males took off with the car, but didn't go far with Phillips' son. They dropped him off at the parking lot of the Pasadena Plaza where the daycare is. 

Aside from the scare, the boy was in good health, Curtiss said. The stolen Chevrolet was registered to Krystal Nunnally. 

Police officers said the two took a short ride to Miami Gardens where they abandoned Nunnally's car.

According to Curtiss the detectives were able to find Nunnally's car with the help of OnStar, a security device that recorded the vehicle's turn-by-turn navigation.



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