Why Boycotting & Divesting Is A Crucial Tool For Change

Boycotting is a proven to be an effective tool to fight against the corporate state. But in a country like America, where we are so deeply conditioned to consume, it can be very tough.

That being said, there are pockets of boycott movements happening throughout the country. Whether it be demanding that banks divest from investing in fossil fuel projects or advocate groups going after the advertisers on hate-speech websites, it does exist.

The next step is for people to do what they can to not support corporations that are destroying us.

Redacted Tonight correspondent John F. O’Donnell explores these important burgeoning boycott movement.

Top photo: A man holds a sticker calling for a boycott against Israeli goods to protest against Israel’s offensive in Gaza in Pamplona, Northern Spain, Thursday, July 31, 2014.

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