Celebrity Chef Ralph Pagano to be released from hospital after gas explosion

Celebrity TV Chef Ralph Pagano is known for his vibrant personality and passion for food, and Thursday marks the beginning of his comeback to cooking.

After spending 50 days in the hospital, Pagano will be going home on Thursday.

Pagano suffered burns over 30 percent of his body during a kitchen explosion while he was opening his new restaurant in Bimini.

He was airlifted to Ryder Trauma Center's UM Jackson Memorial Burn Unit, where he has undergone four painful skin grafts, mainly to his hands, arms, legs and face.

He has also undergone occupational and physical therapy to regain the use of his hands and his ability to walk again.

From the very start, Pagano had an amazing attitude about his recovery and the horrific accident.

"I was in a gas explosion. My hands were on fire, my shirt was on fire, my pants were on fire," Pagano said after the incident. "I'm going to need skin grafts and about a month in the hospital, but I am alive."

Pagano is expected to leave the hospital Thursday afternoon and will continue his recovery at home.

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