Police officers’ videos show aftermath of felon’s crash in stolen car

Jose Martinez was in a Nissan GT-R when he was trying to get away from police officers. He crashed into a Miami-Dade County public bus in South Beach. 

With the help of a license plate reader, Miami Beach police officers learned the 27-year-old convicted felon was driving a black GT-R. The sports car was reported stolen from a dealership in Central Florida. 

Miami Beach police officers' body cam recorded the chaos after the Jan. 29 crash. The department released the video on Friday. 

Police officers spotted him on Ocean Drive and Fifth Street. His fast ride ended on Washington Avenue between Sixth and Seventh Street. The video shows the injured and a child crying. 

Martinez managed to get out of the mangled car and tried to run away. Police officers caught him on Washington Avenue and Eighth Street. The video shows a police officer used a Taser gun to subdue him.  

Two women who were in the bus suffered non-life threatening injuries and recovered at Mount Sinai Medical Center. Martinez remained in jail Friday. 


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