Is it still an All-Star parade in Miami if nobody shows up?

For those who say Miami is not a baseball town, the tens of, well, handfuls of fans who attended Tuesday's MLB All-Star Game Parade down Biscayne Boulevard would disagree.

And handfuls is being generous.

Mega-stars like Bryce Harper, Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge see more people preparing their pre-game meals than the number of fans who attended the parade.

The word "sparse" was specifically created to describe the attendance.

As the players from the American League and National League teams made their way down the red-carpeted road, they did so in front of large gaps along the rails.

The lack of interest was so profound, employees at the American Airlines Arena were told to take a longer lunch break so they could beef up the number of fans along the route.

Kids were also bussed in from local camps.

Many on Local 10's Facebook page mocked the parade, most saying they never knew it was happening.

"I didn't know about the parade, would've definitely taken the kids," said Carmen Angel Gutierrez.

Katherine Thunem was not as kind, posting, "LMAO, leave it to Miami people for this "parade" to be DEAD!"

While Frederick John McConnell put it simply, "Worst parade I've ever seen."

The empty parade route comes hours before the All-Star Game in which tickets still remain, an almost unheard of occurrance.

Maybe it's time to pull out those DVD's of the Miami Heat championship parades to see what a Biscayne Boulevard party really looks like.

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