Restaurant owners, managers try to minimize kitchen violations

Restaurant owners and managers tried to minimize the problems found inside their restaurant kitchens during recent state inspections.

At Latin Café in Miami Beach a manager told Local 10 News that two roaches had come in from a case of oranges.

"So they only found two in the whole restaurant?" Local 10 News reporter Jeff Weinsier said.

"Yes," the manager said.

 The restaurant is located at 441 W. 41st St. in Miami Beach and last week an inspector showed up based on a complaint.

In total, 29 violations were found, including 50-plus dead roaches throughout the kitchen area. There were also live roaches found near a food prep area.

"Was in here?" the manager said.

"Yes," Weinsier said.

"No," the manager said. "I think this is the other location."

"This report isn't right?" Weinsier said.

"No," the manager said. 

At China Steak House, at 8565 Coral Way, roaches were also found by an inspector. 

"Why are you guys filming?" an employee said when he noticed Weinsier at the restaurant. 

"We are filming because you guys were shut last week for roaches," Weinsier said.

"Was it?" the employee said.

"Was it? You're asking me if it was?" Weinsier said. 

"The main issue is because there was a leak. Gas leak or something," the employee said.

"Really that was the main issue?" Weinsier said. "I can tell you the main issue was roaches crawling around."

There were 40 violations found at the location.

The inspector noted dead roaches in the restaurant. In addition, roaches were found on top of a sink with clean pots and pans, next to a dish machine and in gaps on the walls. 

At Pizza Stop at 8275 Pine Island Road in Tamarac an inspector ordered the kitchen shut after 16 violations were found. 

Live roaches were found by a pizza station, according to the inspection. 

"You had a roach issue?" Weinsier said. 

"Yeah, they found two," an employee said.

"Two? No they found more than two," Weinsier said. 

"We clean everywhere," the employee said. 

"Had the inspector not come and brought it to your attention, you wouldn't have noticed it?" Weinsier said.

"Yes, we were working on it with Orkin," the employee said. 

 All the places ordered shut were allowed to re-open following an ordered cleanup and re-inspection.


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