Customer assaults deputy at BurgerFi in Deerfield Beach

A Broward sheriff's deputy was assaulted Monday night while attempting to remove an unruly customer at BurgerFi in Deerfield Beach, the Broward Sheriff's Office said.

The deputy arrived at the restaurant at about 8 p.m. and was asked by the manager to remove an unruly customer, BSO spokeswoman Keyla Concepcion said.

"Shock. It was shock, because around, in this area, you typically don't have this," Bobby Tucker, who witnessed the attack said. 

Tucker told Local 10 News that he was at the restaurant when he saw a young man get out of a silver car, walk inside the restaurant and start cursing at customers for no apparent reason.

"Very verbally aggressive, just, blankity-blank-you type deal, you know. And one police officer rolled up," Tucker said. 

Authorities said a deputy arrived to the BurgerFi after a manager called the Sheriff's Office asking for the man to be removed. 

Tucker said the man attacked the deputy.

"He kept punching the officer," Tucker said. "You don't typically see a deputy punched, and he was."

A video captured the fight. 

In it the man is seen throwing punches at the deputy after being pepper-sprayed. 

A man claiming that it is his 17-year-old son in the video told Local 10 News that he hasn't come home since the fight. 

The man, who didn't want to be identified, said he isn't happy with that he saw in the video. 

"(It) shows brutality man," he said. 

Concepcion said the customer ran away after being pepper-sprayed.

"And then from there, the helicopters came," Tucker said. 

"It was massive. The helicopters were hovering overhead nonstop. The sirens were just one after another," another witness, Robert Hamza, said. 

Deputies searched for the attacker, but he was not found. 

"They're going to get him," Tucker said. "That's my opinion."

"I was very surprised that he got away, extremely surprised that he got away," Hamza said. "I would like to see the guy get caught. He doesn't belong around here."

Concepcion said Tuesday that deputies know the attacker's identity and will issue a warrant for his arrest on a charge of battery on a law enforcement officer.

She said the deputy was not injured. 

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