Man arrested for fatally shooting teen in drug-deal gone wrong, police say

A 22-year-old man was arrested Tuesday for fatally shooting 19-year-old after an argument over 14 grams of marijuana, Miami-Dade police said.

Investigators were able to track down Ed Lamarre by following leads that came into the department.

Police said the victim, Brian Brown, met with Lamarre on Wednesday Northeast 117 Street and Northeast Ninth Avenue.

 Brown’s girlfriend was sitting in the front passenger seat of his 2015 Chrysler 200 at the time.

Lamarre got into the vehicle and was handed a plastic bag with 14 grams of marijuana, police said.

An argument then took place, police said, and Lamarre produced a firearm and shot Brown several times before running away.

Brown then drove to a stop sign where he went to the backseat of the vehicle and had his girlfriend drive him to the hospital.

When police arrived at Aventura Hospital they saw that Brown had been shot several times.

He died the next day.

On Monday, the victim’s girlfriend identified Lamarre from a lineup.

Lamarre was later arrested.

After being read his rights, Lamarre told police he didn’t have any money or intent to pay for the marijuana and intended to steal it, police said. He allegedly went on to tell police he shot Brown after he attempted to take the marijuana back.

Brown had recently graduated from North Miami Beach Senior High School and had a scholarship to play football at Merced University. 


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