25 Cubans come to University of Miami to learn about democracy

Twenty-five professionals from across Cuba are spending a couple weeks at the University of Miami learning about what life was like in their country, pre-Fidel Castro.

Coincidentally, these professionals are in South Florida the same week that President Donald Trump is set to visit Miami where he is expected to follow through on a campaign promise to roll back on the Obama administration's efforts to open Cuba to U.S. tourism and trade.

"If the doors have already been opened, they shouldn't be closed," Jorge Torres said.  

But Trump has often said Obama's deal-making with Cuba has been one-sided.

Egberto Morales, a visiting Cuban, said it is an error to interpret Obama's changes as a way to disrupt this dictatorship.

Some Cubans have a different view.

Julio Rodriguez owns his own restaurant in Cuba and said some policies set forth by the previous administration have made his life better.

"If they don't allow U.S. tourism to come into Cuba, it may affect the majority of private Cuban businesses," Rodriguez said.

Yazmin Gonzalez points out that Cubans will have to see what reversing the policies would be like.

She said if they are positive, they will support them.

Regardless of whatever changes might take place, these Cubans are looking towards the future in Coral Gables.


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