Family seeks answers after fatal Pollo Tropical shooting

Eric Primus' family members are distraught and trying to come to terms with his death.

"It's not a situation anyone is really able to handle," Steven Kelley said.  

Kelley is remembering his first cousin, Primus, who was shot Friday in the parking lot of a Pollo Tropical restaurant along University Drive.

Primus was on his lunch break when he got into an argument with 33-year-old Cardiff Lindo, according to Davie police.

Davie police said Primus left the restaurant and was waiting in his truck with a co-worker after the argument occurred.

Once Lindo stepped outside, the pair resumed their argument; this time, it got physical, and Lindo retrieved his gun and fired, police said.

One of those bullets hit Primus in the chest, police said.

Primus was driven to a nearby gas station for help by a co-worker. He was taken to Broward Health Medical Center, where he died.

Police said  Lindo was acting in self-defense, something Kelley can't come to grips with because he said the family hasn't seen any proof.

"Who was the guilty party? Who started the fight?" he said.  "We don't know if the man walked up to him, or vice versa. What we are asking as a family, is that our loss be vindicated, but also we have a serious, clear understanding what happened to him. We haven't seen the surveillance (video)."

The only video Kelley did see is this cellphone video capturing the dramatic moments following the shooting.

Police showed up to the scene and detained Lindo.

Right now, it's unclear what that argument  between Lindo and Primus was over.

The family believes it was political in nature.

In the meantime, police say they have interviewed Lindo and a number of witnesses who all gave the same accounts.

Police said the shooting fits Florida’s stand-your-ground law and will likely be ruled self-defense. 

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