Residents, Beckham Group, city officials discuss new soccer stadium

Overtown neighbors packed a room tonight hoping to be among  the first to see the newest rendering of the highly anticipated Beckham Stadium.

Many were not impressed.

"You need to know that we do not like this," one resident said.

Wednesday night marked  the last opportunity for the community to voice its concerns about the pending soccer stadium.

"If you ever get off on 17 Avenue or 12 Avenue during a Marlins game, it takes me about 20 minutes just to get home, imagine with another stadium in there," a resident said.

Many said they felt powerless to stop the stadium from coming in and asked for a second meeting to ask more questions. 

Those who live near the site along Northwest Seventh Avenue gave Miami officials their opinions during the meetings.

Many were upset when they  heard members of the Beckham Group say they have no plans to build more parking in the area.

A Beckham Group spokesperson tried to appease the crowd by saying they plan to promote the use of public transportation.

"The public transportation in this county, excuse my language, sucks," a resident said.

Supporters of the plan were also at the meeting and pointed to the hopes of a big economic impact and job creation.

The Beckham Group is now moving to finalize its purchase of three additional acres it needs from Miami  to start building.

Total costs for the 25,000 -seat facility is estimated at $500 million. 

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