Man bitten by water moccasin in Pembroke Pines

A South Florida man was bitten by a snake Thursday in Pembroke Pines, authorities said.

"We were contacted today by Palmetto General Hospital and Poison Control about a 34-year-old male bitten by a venomous snake they were describing as a water moccasin," Lt. Scott Mullin, of Miami-Dade Venom One, said.

The Pembroke Pines worker drove himself to the hospital in Hialeah, but authorities said that could have sped up the damage from the venom.

"He was actually bitten up in Pembroke Pines, working up there, and that is where we get most of our bites. Anything west of Interstate 75 basically was built out in the Everglades," Mullin said.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue officials said now is the time to be on the look-out for venomous snakes that usually dwell below ground.

"This is the beginning of our snake bite season. From April to October is our busiest time," Mullin said.

The water moccasin, also known as a cottonmouth, is a pit viper, and there is a single anti-venom to treat those type of bites.

"The faster we give it, the more tissue we can save. So it is not just about saving a life," Mullin said. "It is about saving that person’s ability to do their job. In this case, if they are bitten in the hand and they work with their hands, we are trying to prevent further damage from happening."

In this case, they believe the man got treatment in time and should recover from the bite.

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