Pembroke Pines replacing system to filter water, mayor says

Local 10 News reporter Ian Margol spoke Thursday to Pembroke Pines Mayor Frank Ortis to clarify what the city is doing to fix its water issue and how quickly it'll be done.

"(This is the) first time in 21 years I've been in office (that) we had a problem with our water," Ortis said.

Ortis has been faced with a lot of questions over the last few weeks after reports that the city's drinking water had levels of contaminants that were higher than acceptable, according to the Department of Health.

The city commission held a meeting Wednesday night to try and calm some of the concerns that have been raised since then. But some questions still remain: What exactly is the problem? How will it be fixed? And how long will it take?

According to the Department of Health, levels of contaminants left over from regular maintenance to disinfect the city's pipe system tested too high.

Ortis said that was caused by a failure of a system that is used to remove unwanted minerals from the water and make water clear. The system is now being replaced.

"Which, our experts say, will, in fact, cure the problem," Ortis said. "Trihalomethanes should not appear anymore. Hopefully, we'll have that done within a couple of months, and we move on with the rest of our lives."

According to the city, the process for changing out that equipment is already under way.

The Department of Health doesn't necessarily agree though. They recommended three different ways of removing the contaminants and said the fix the city is making may only fix the water's color.

The city is bringing in an independent lab to double check that testing.

Ortis believes that a lot of the fears surrounding the water issues have been blown somewhat out of proportion.

"The Department of Health said that unless you're in a couple of categories and you feel that you must go to your physician, otherwise go about our normal business," he said.

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