3 women, man arrested in Miami shooting, kidnapping

Three women and a man were arrested Saturday in connection with a shooting and kidnapping in Miami, authorities said.

They appeared in court Tuesday, where they were ordered to be held without bond.

According to an arrest report, the victim was picked up April 3 by the suspects and a fifth unidentified man from Jackson Memorial Hospital from which he had just been discharged.

The victim told police that he previously purchased $700 in narcotics from Ashley Perez, 21, and still owed her $500.

Police said Felipe Aviles, 26, pointed a gun at the victim's head when he got in the car and demanded that he pay him the money that he owed Perez.

Police said the group drove the victim to a home in the 7100 block of Southwest Fifth Street so he could get his clothes.

The victim gave someone in the home a note that said, "Papo, they have me against my will because I owe them money. They have guns. As soon as I leave, call police and inform them. I'm in (sic) Fifth Avenue, Seventh Street."

The victim put his finger on his mouth, indicating that the witness should keep quiet, the arrest report said.

Police said the suspects took the victim to a home at 467 SW Seventh St., and Perez told him to sleep on the floor until he paid up.

She told Aviles to sleep on the enclosed porch outside to make sure that the victim didn't leave, the report said.

Jenifer Cortez, 25, and Rachel Torna, 21, insulted  the victim while he was being held at the home and slapped him, authorities said.

Police said the victim asked the suspects to let him leave so he could go to work after a day or two at the home.

Perez and Aviles got angry at the request and Aviles pointed a gun at the victim's leg, police said.

Authorities said Perez grabbed the gun from Aviles and shot the victim in the head.

According to the arrest report, Perez said she was shocked that the victim was still alive after he was shot in the head and told him to apply pressure to himself while she cleaned up the scene.

Miami police received an anonymous call on Friday from someone who claimed that a woman had shot a man at the home and was trying to hide the body.

Police responded to the home, where they found the victims and the defendants.

The suspects were arrested on charges of armed kidnapping and premeditated attempted murder. Perez also faces a charge of using a firearm while committing a felony and Aviles faces an additional charge of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

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