‘The gold standard of commentary and news in this state’

COMMENTARY: It is hard to find consistently accurate and believable reporting on issues that impact our daily lives. Darned hard. Thanks to Heath Haussamen and his NMPolitics, I can be assured that I get the gold standard of commentary and news in this state.

Del Hansen

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Del Hansen

Not only can I depend upon an unbiased and factual account of developing and recent stories, but the input and ideas of guest contributors brings a fresh perspective to the often soundbite-quality news we receive in other venues.

Considering what one might spend on newspaper and magazine subscriptions, I count my contributions to NMPolitics.net and Mr. Haussamen as money well spent. I look forward to following the story lines of NMPolitics.net each and every day.

I would encourage those who value quality reporting and clear, concise, and understandable treatment of newsworthy issues to monetarily support NMPolitics.net. I know I do. We desperately need the civility and accuracy inherent in Heath’s publications.

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