My Sisters and Brothers, Don’t You, Can’t You, Won’t You, See? – A Poem

By Stephen Brackens Brinkley

We are all interconnected
We are all interdependent
We are all part of the One

My Sisters and Brothers,
Don’t you see?

Every microcosm is reflective of the macrocosm
As above so it is below
We are all each other’s keepers in the Human Family

My Sisters and Brothers,
Can’t You See?

Every ripple in the Supreme Lord’s pond
Makes its way to the largest lake where
It is eventually felt even in the farthest Ocean

My Sisters and Brothers,
Won’t You See?

– Stephen Brackens-Brinkley is a Christian minister, teacher, counselor and Human Rights Activist. He has been a strong supporter of the Palestinian cause for many years. He currently resides in San Diego, CA, USA. He contributed this poem to

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