Airline Bans Trump Supporter For Profanity-Laced Rant On Flight



Delta Air Lines banned a passenger who used misogynistic slurs in a profanity-laced pro-Donald Trump rant after a video of the incident went viral.

The airline also apologized for allowing the unidentified passenger to remain on the flight, which was heading from Atlanta, Georgia, to Allentown, Pennsylvania, on 22 November.

Delta will refund the tickets for passengers who shared the flight with the now-barred Trump supporter.

In his tirade, the passenger voices admiration for Trump, telling his fellow travelers that the real estate mogul is now the president of every single one of them.

“We got some Hillary b****s on here?” he adds.

Footage of the incident garnered millions of views online.

Profanity is used in the video below

Delta CEO Ed Bastian admitted that employees should not have allowed the “rude and disrespectful” passenger to continue on the flight.

The airline’s staff had questioned the Trump supporter, but opted to keep him on the flight.

Bastian said Delta team members made their decision based on the information that they had.

“However, if our colleagues had witnessed firsthand what was shown in the video, there is no question they would have removed him from the aircraft,” Bastian wrote in a letter to employees. “He will never again be allowed on a Delta plane.”

News reports show Arab and Muslim passengers have been kicked off flights in the US over the past year for far less egregious perceived offences – including speaking Arabic, making the flight attendant feel “unsafe” and demanding an additional strap for a child seat.

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