Muslim Man Ejected From Trump Rally In Style

An Asian American was escorted from a Donald Trump rally in Warren, Michigan after repeatedly shouting that, “Not all Mexicans are rapists, not all Muslims are terrorists.”

Saqib Javed, a resident of Warren, dressed for Friday’s rally in sunglasses and a long South Asian coat known as a sherwani and interrupted Trump 40 minutes into his speech.

Within moments the 22 year-old was grabbed by security guards and led out in an incident Javed recorded on his camera.

“There was a reason I dressed the way I dressed — I wanted Trump to realize that America is not just for white people,” Javed told the Free Press.

“America is full of diversity, different races, different religions, it’s a melting pot. I want him to realize that he can not say bigoted things about minorities in this country. We are just as important as the majority, and that’s why I spoke out.”

As he was being led out by police, Trump mocked Javed.

“That’s strange,” Trump remarked as the crowd roared at Javed’s removal, video footage showed.

“He looks like an Elvis impersonator. That’s strange because the Elvis impersonators loved Donald Trump. They love me. That’s very sad. That makes me very unhappy.”

Javed, who was born in the U.S. to Pakistani immigrants, is the latest minority protester to be kicked out of a Trump presidential campaign rally.

Protesters ejected from Trump rallies have included African-American demonstrators with Black Lives Matter, an Indian-American Sikh man protesting Islamophobia, Arab-American Muslims, and Jewish Americans.

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