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Mark Graham over at Slate wrote very good article asking the question, “Why Does Google Say Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel”. Google pulls information from a wide variety of sources with little human intervention and his article points out that sometimes things just don’t shake out in a purely factual fashion.

For instance we know without a doubt that each and every action taken in Jerusalem by Israel is completely illegal and “null and void” – this can easily be verified by various UN resolutions including UNSCR 478 and six more just like it. Anyone can view these facts on WikiPedia, WikiSource, The United Nations, Babylon etc so your point is well taken, where does Google get the wrong idea that Jerusalem is the “capital” of Israel; it clearly is not under the rule of law.

This is why the so-called “Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995” by the US Congress has never been implemented, because to do so would be illegal. In fact it is specifically proscribed that nations do anything whatsoever to promulgate the idea that Jerusalem is anything but the international city as long envisioned; still the rule of law around the world.

UN Security Council resolution 478 in part includes:

“Decides not to recognize the “basic law” and such other actions by Israel that, as a result of this law, seek to alter the character and status of Jerusalem and calls upon:

Those States that have established diplomatic missions at Jerusalem to withdraw such missions from the Holy City;”

So the question still is, why does Google have this factual mistake about Jerusalem when the first page of the organic results that I just retrieved here in New Mexico from Google include all of the sources I mentioned above?

Slate did not just bury the lede here they completely left it out. As a matter of fact checking, Google is clearly wrong. But Mark did not drive that point at home at all even though the headline no doubt makes for great titillation.

Editor’s Note: As an aside Slate should probably be wary of too much criticism of Web technology as its own Web site has problems of its own. The comment section is largely broken and has been for months. And they had a transparent header image with text on it for many months that blanked out a lacy pattern at the top of the page when scrolling content. Glass houses.


Editor’s Note to Hasbara trolls. You have had your run all over the Internet with your antisemitic views and lies, but you will not enjoy a free ride here at BBSNews. It’s my view that you have already damaged the Jewish state most likely beyond redemption on the Internet. You get one chance, and one chance only to address the material. If you cannot be an adult, and discuss verifiable, very basic facts as opposed to Hasbara propaganda, you will be banished. The Hasbara Project is news intended for an adult audience for adults that are literate enough to talk about the inevitable future of Israel and Palestine, and reality-based solutions firmly grounded in the rule of law and UN resolutions. Here at BBSNews, you will not be allowed to disrupt a comment thread with tired lies that have been debunked for decades if not a century or more. You Have Been Warned.

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