Is authenticity the most important quality in politicians?

COMMENTARY: With Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and possibly Lawrence Lessig running for president, are Americans changing the new normal to authenticity being first priority for citizens’ votes? Is it time we also change the new normal for New Mexico?

Dianne Goodman

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Dianne Goodman

While we may not agree with everything they say, do we appreciate that we know who they are and what they will do as our leader – so we are educated in our vote?

By changing the new normal, are we in essence changing the conversation to an ethical, effective and efficient use of our tax dollars?

Is this what is needed for citizens to unite, regardless of party affiliation, to get our government back on track?

Should New Mexicans ask our local politicians first and foremost what they will do to regain our trust in our government and their leadership – to ensure government is run ethically, effectively and efficiently?

There’s a wealth of information on making local government more ethical at You may want to explore this site and go to public meetings and ask your politicians:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you represent?
  3. What will you do to ensure that we have an ethical, effective and efficient government?

Together, regardless party affiliation, we can make a difference and rise above dark money in politics.

This is a call to action for all New Mexico politicians running for reelection and any new candidates. Please answer these questions so we can be educated in our votes – and may the best candidates win.

Goodman is a citizen advocating to make New Mexico better by continuously improving our government and providing a better future for our children and the future of New Mexico. She can be reached at [email protected].

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