Headlines About Benghazi Report Tell the Story

GOP - Running on empty, cartoon. Courtesy airfarceone.net

GOP – Running on empty, cartoon. Courtesy airfarceone.net

BBSNews 2014-11-23 — By Michael Hess. Looking at the headlines about the Benghazi Report, one might think that the hoax, the fake scandal, the waste of money and citizen’s time was over. Not so fast. Even though there was a veritable avalanche of reports from nearly every corner of the news profession, and even those not so professional, that the false scandal involving 4 dead Americans including Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, that the lies told by Faux News and other right wing news outlets were finally over. But it’s not.

Even though it was a standard, hide the news, dump late on a Friday just before the Thanksgiving Day holiday, there was still a vast amount of coverage about this cynical right wing hoax on the American people. The timing of this was also convenient considering the report and the dump of it was timed after the midterms even though the results have long been known.

The following is a standard ‘explore in depth’ Google News result set about the Benghazi report headlines that were found on the first page of those results. They have been rearranged slightly to reflect the likely future of this conspiracy theory of all conspiracy theories (okay, not really all of them). Will it die like the “birther” people, or the Agenda 21 people, or the Muslim Kenyan theory? No. Like those other faux scandals, this one won’t die either.

The following headlines are indicative at the start of how most media people get it, this fake story is over. The GOP used these deaths to advance a political agenda. But at the end of this list of headlines, we see the trashy Benghazi spectacle raises its ugly head again:

GOP-Led Benghazi Panel Bolsters Administration – NYT

Republican-led report debunks Benghazi theories and accusations – CNN

GOP panel on Benghazi finds no Obama administration wrongdoing – LA Times

House GOP report debunks Benghazi conspiracy theories – AOL.com

GOP-Commissioned Benghazi Report Debunks GOP Conspiracy Theories About Benghazi – Think Progress

GOP-led House report debunks Benghazi allegation – Zanesville Times Recorder

The House Intelligence Committee’s Benghazi Report – More than fair – Power Line

House Panel finds no intelligence failure in Benghazi attacks – Washington Post

House Report Finds No Attempt to Mislead Public Over Benghazi – Wall Street Journal

House Panel Finds ‘No Intelligence Failure’ Before Benghazi Attack – NPR

House probe rejects Benghazi criticisms – The Hill

Republicans Finally Admit There Is No Benghazi Scandal – Mother Jones

House Intelligence Committee’s Benghazi Report Torches Conspiracy Theories – Huffington Post

House Intel Committee dismisses some Benghazi myths – Politico

No Cover-Up, Intelligence Failure or Military Inaction in Benghazi Attacks, House Panel Finds – Daily Signal

GOP-Controlled Intelligence Committee Debunks Benghazi Conspiracies – Slate Magazine

Benghazi consulate attack: Report clears US Response – BBC News

US Congress report debunks Benghazi attack claims – Yahoo News

Benghazi Coverup Claims Are Rejected in House Investigation – Bloomberg

GOP Led Report Debunks Right-Wing Media’a Benghazi Hoax – Media Matters for America

House Intel Committee’s Benghazi Report Concludes ‘No Intelligence Failure’ – Mediaite

House Intel Committee Releases Benghazi Findings, Some at Odds with Prior News Reports – Breitbart

Despicable reporters laugh at results of Benghazi investigation; ‘grave dancing is fun’ – BizPac Review

House Benghazi Report Finds No Conspiracies, Gets No Love From Fox – Wonkette

Benghazi Coverup Allegations Rejected in Bipartisan House Probe – Newsmax

GOP-led report obliterates Fox News’ version of Benghazi – Atlanta Journal Constitution

Concha: GOP-Led Report Means Benghazi Coverage Will Finally Be Put to Rest, Even on Fox – Mediaite

Will Benghazi report quell conspiracy theories? Not likely. – Christian Science Monitor

Why You Shouldn’t Hold Your Breath About Benghazi Fading – Bloomberg

The Left Doth Protest Too Much: The Benghazi Scandal Remains – Breitbart

And then, drumroll please:

How Fox News Dismissed The Benghazi Report in Less Than 30 Seconds – Mediaite

“So, how did Fox cover these findings? Chief White House correspondent Ed Henry, sitting in for Bret Baier on Special Report Friday evening, spent just under 30 seconds discussing the report and the aspects he chose to highlight speak volumes.

“The House Intelligence Committee says the initial assessment of the Benghazi terror attacks two years ago, that they were in fact terrorist in nature, was accurate,” Henry reported. “It says CIA and Obama administration officials later supported the incorrect scenario that the attacks were motivated by an internet video and stuck with that for several days.”

He then pivoted to a new United Nations report that says the attack was carried out by Al Qaeda, adding, “that contradicts the strenuous denials from the Obama administration.”

And that was it.”

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