Gaza in a stark new light

BBSNews 2014-09-27 — By Michael Hess. An amazing and emotionally jarring photograph appeared today that is a shocking confluence of deprivation and war and modernity, all in one. In Today’s Zaman, a news publication from Turkey, a photo was shown taken by relief workers belonging to the Kimse Yok Mu foundation that depicts a Gazan, in the embattled and besieged Gaza Strip under the total control of the state of Israel, with a cellphone, his destroyed home, and the trappings of modern emergency refugee help. A couple of foam pads, a can of propane, and a couple of bags/boxes of non-perishables and immediate essentials appear to be All There Is..

In a barren wasteland of a war zone that a state power, Israel, imposed on a civilian suburban area in order to preserve a decades long illegal occupation with worldwide implications.


This outcome has been long predicted. The state of Israel has demonstrated that nothing will stand in the way of the illegal occupations. Not even the honor or morals of the United States. The rule of law must finally be applied equally.

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Michael Hess

Michael Hess

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