Right Wing Evangelist John Hagee Fans Religious World War

BBSNews 2014-09-21 — By Michael Hess. A highly controversial evangelist, John Hagee, has claimed that Palestine is not occupied, but instead a “god” says it belongs to Israel. These people are scary and no less extremist than right wing Israelis (especially Likud) or their counterparts amongst Muslim fanatics (especially IS) and terrorists.

Greater Israel, at least according to many Christians.

Greater Israel, at least according to many Christians.

Mr. Hagee told Israel Hayom:

“There are about 60 million evangelicals in America. The thing that separates the evangelicals from other belief systems in the United States is that we believe in the Bible. It is the moral compass for the soul. The Bible does not offer God’s recommendations; these are God’s laws and we keep them, beginning with ‘In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth’ (Genesis 1:1). King David said: ‘The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof’ (Psalms 24:1).


“If God owns the earth, and made a covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to give their descendants the right to the land of Israel — then Israel is not an ‘occupier’ as implied by the liberal media in the United States, but the owner of the land by covenant. And the covenant still stands.


“Israel must never be separated from its biblical roots. When King David says, ‘Speak and pray for the peace of Jerusalem’ (Psalms 122:6) — we speak and pray for the peace of Jerusalem. When the Prophet Isaiah (62:1) says, ‘For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent’ — we do not keep silent.

He is claiming here that a “god” tells his followers that a mythical “covenant” from an invisible skydaddy allows Israel to do horrendous things and commit horrible crimes to further its illegal occupation of Palestine. This man seems impervious to the fact that Israel already has its own state, and that Israel is illegally occupying Palestine outside of Israel.

The Islamic Side of the Equation

On the Web site On Islam, there is a “Was Palestine Promised by Allah to the Israelis?” question that was recently answered by Shahul Hameed on August 3rd, 2014 where he wrote in part:

The point to be noted here is that from the very beginning of mankind on earth, Allah has been sending His prophets to guide humanity along the Right Path. Whenever the people deviated from Divine Guidance, prophets came to correct them and lead them back to the Path of Allah.


Thus after the time of Moses, when the Children of Israel distorted the Divine Message, many prophets came to them, of whom the most important was Jesus the Messiah.


In fact, the coming of Jesus had been clearly foretold and the Jews ought to have believed in him and followed him when he came. But selfish obstinacy prevented most of them from receiving the Messiah when he appeared; they ridiculed him and sought to crucify him.


The Holy Quran narrates how Allah Almighty saved Jesus from an accursed death on the cross. Obviously the Jews who rejected Jesus were transgressors who broke God’s covenant and forfeited the special favor of God.

There is obviously a competing religious narrative here and broadly based on a mythical religious set of histories. Neither can be verified nor used in 2014 to bring peace and justice to Palestine between various Jews, Christians and Muslims, some of them extremely violent.

Leaving that fact aside however, it is important to understand more of John Hagee’s various utterances over the years that really leave him as nothing more than a questionable figure who has managed to get about 1.8 million followers. It’s also a safe bet that Hagee is not living in some hovel with the downtrodden and less fortunate…

According to Right Wing watch last year Hagee made some controversial remarks on tape about Jews and Israel reporting:

Trinity Broadcasting Network hosted a Praise The Lord prophecy special this month, featuring a number of speakers including televangelist John Hagee. The right-wing pastor explained that during the End Times, the Jewish people will not accept Jesus as the Messiah until he returns “because they have just— three-and-a-half years or seven-years before — made a deal with the Antichrist, who is the false messiah, and they are extremely skeptical of that.”


David Reagan, another Christian Zionist preacher, said the Jewish people will experience a “horrible holocaust” and the vast majority will die during the End Times: “Two-thirds of them are going to die and that one-third that is left at the end is going to finally come to the end of themselves.”

These people are scary as I have already noted. But most extremist Israelis don’t believe a word of it because myths and religion to them are a means to an end. It would be hard to understand why Israelis would welcome Hagee and his ilk based upon their utterances if Israelis really took any of this religious hokum seriously.

The extremist Christians fully believe that all Jews are either going to die or go to the fiery pit during the Second Coming(tm) if they do not convert to Christianity.

Extremist Muslims believe that Jews must be killed to get them out of Palestine.

Extremist Israeli Jews don’t believe any of that but they are happy to use the religious imagery as a means to an end, and that is to build the state of Israel into “Greater Israel”. They are happy for the inadvertent help towards that goal by either extremist Christians bringing them money and influencing U.S. Congresscritters to protect Israel from any international legal scrutiny and to keep the weapons and the munitions flowing – and they are just as happy with Islamic fundamentalism as it gives them something to rally their citizens around when claiming “self-defense” against people who are simply trying to hold on to the last bit of their land, historic Palestine.

On the other hand, there are a large number of extremists Jewish Israelis who do believe in the religious based myths about Israel and where it’s borders should lie and they mirror the extremist Christian’s views.

Hagee has also said that the events of September 11, 2001 were “the judgment of God on our country” since America did “not obey the law of God.” In the same story he also reportedly said that the financial crisis in 2008 was “divine retribution”.

A lot of Americans see these crazy preachers and simply shake their heads and turn the channel. Most rational Americans do not buy into this religious claptrap that claims all the Jews are going to hellfire if they don’t convert to Christianity or that all Muslims want to do is kill Jews. Ironically though, I do know a lot of Christians who do believe that nonsense including my own late mother for a time, but by the same token, I do not know a single Muslim in the U.S. who claims that either Jews must convert or face fiery death or to face death for any reason.

I suggest that Americans had better start paying more attention to what all of the kooks are saying from Avigdor Lieberman, to Osama Bin Laden, the John Hagee. Thankfully the traditional media is showing signs of more coverage of the crazies on all sides before they get America embroiled in WW III because one of their “gods” made some pronouncements back in the days when people did not bathe and thought stars were oil lamps that had to be lit up each night.

The truth is that people like John Hagee and all these religious yahoo’s must be marginalized, and kept trivialized and on the sideline. The rule of law, the agreed to international laws of mankind, must trump all the spurious nonsense that the Hagee’s of the world and other like ilk spout like bad water in Gaza…

The people with suicide vests and other terroristic aims must also be put to the side and the rule of law must deal with them as well.

Only until there is equal justice, for Israel the occupier state, and Palestine the occupied state, can there be a fair, just and durable peace. The wingnuts who make money and get power from misguided followers on all sides must be shunned as the charlatans that they are. The statesmen, and they are hard to find in 2014, must use the rule of law and leave the trappings of unprovable myth behind, and let true justice, humankind’s justice, prevail.

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