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Happy Gay couple.

Happy Gay couple.

I discovered KTVQ.com while reading the news Sunday night through Google News. I also discovered how they censor comments about stories. In particular, about a CBS story on gay marriage and the upcoming week of Supreme Court hearings on gay marriage, the so-called “Defense of Marriage Act” (DOMA), that is really the defense of bigotry and intolerance against marriage equality in the United States, and of course Proposition 8, a California proposition that was intended to enforce anti-gay inequality by making marriage inequality the law of the land in California. The KTVQ story was listed with the provocative headline listed in the URI: http://www.ktvq.com/news/should-the-supreme-court-impose-a-nationwide-mandate-on-same-sex-marriage-/#_ – which in itself is nonsense. The United States Supreme Court does not “impose” mandates, it simply decides whether laws or statutes that come before the court are constitutional or not.

On the KTVQ Web site I wrote in a comment:

“Why does anyone care about Tony Perkins? He’s a well known bigot along the lines of David Duke. I’m so happy that we have here in Santa Fe, NM a mayor who is standing up to bigotry and in favor of marriage equality. See: http://bbsnews.net/gay-marriage-in-new-mexico/ for more about brave local officials who stand against bigotry. If the Tony Perkins’ of the country had their way, I would still not be able to marry [a white person] as an American Indian, but as this article points out, the US Supreme Court had enough sense under Earl Warren to rule against the state of Virginia in Loving v. Virginia in 1967. Most Americans probably do not even realize that American Indians and black folks were not allowed to marry outside of their race just a few decades ago but thankfully that was struck down in 1967.”

And it was, within minutes, censored right off of their site. Apparently the staff there does not want their readership in Billings, Montana to know about other localities who take a different approach such as here in Santa Fe, New Mexico where we have a Mayor, David Coss, who is bucking the trend and joined by City Council Member Patti Bushee, is introducing a measure to encourage County Clerks throughout the state to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples because the Santa Fe City Attorney has determined that New Mexico’s marriage statute is gender neutral.

I thought maybe it was just not news about Santa Fe and gay marriage that brought out the ire of KTVQ’s censorship staff, maybe their censor was unhappy with my quite factual remarks about Tony Perkins from the hate group the so-called “Family Research Center” (FRC). So I offered them incontrovertible proof that Tony Perkins and his FRC group are indeed listed as a hate group in the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence files as just that, a hate group against gays. See: http://www.splcenter.org/get-informed/intelligence-files/groups/family-research-council.

However, that got censored as well. I could only come to the conclusion that KTVQ does not want any comment response(s) that may offer additional factual information to their posted CBS story. So I thought I would flesh out the story here at BBSNews and point out that their local sponsors-advertisers may or not also be in favor of censorship such as this to sanitize opinions to only jive with that of the KTVQ TV censors.

The CBS story they posted had this to say about another Supreme Court decision having to do with marriage equality that happened not all that long ago in US history, Loving v. Virginia.

“When the question of race restrictions of who could marry whom having come before the Supreme Court again, the court having gotten it wrong before they got it right, the court ruled in favor of the freedom to marry – and 70 percent of the American people at that time were against interracial marriage,” [Evan] Wolfson [of the group Freedom to Marry] said. “Fortunately, in America we don’t put everything up to a vote. We don’t force families to put their freedom of speech or freedom of religion or freedom to marry up to a vote.”

Wolfson is talking of course about the famous (or infamous) case of Loving v. Virginia decided by the Supreme Court in 1967. This case, just as marriage inequality for gay folks today, hinged on religious hysteria, fear and outright nonsense with the judge in Virgina writing:

“Almighty God created the races white, black, yellow, malay and red, and he placed them on separate continents. And, but for the interference with his arrangement, there would be no cause for such marriage. The fact that he separated the races shows that he did not intend for the races to mix.”

See: http://www.law.cornell.edu/supct/html/historics/USSC_CR_0388_0001_ZO.html for the entire opinion striking down as unconstitutional marriage inequality in terms of race.

It seems quite sickening to read such religious bigotry from just a few decades ago yet sadly, this is much the same bigotry that exists today from those who use the same type of language, almost exactly, against marriage equality for gay folks of today.

It’s a shame that KTVQ TV and others who are corporate controlled infotainment “news” sources cannot address all of the facts, even in letting it slip by in a Web comment. But they can’t censor everything…

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