‘Islamophobic’ Outburst by Student Rights Employee at UCL Protest (VIDEO)

A video has emerged showing an employee of Student Rights, a so-called ‘counter-extremism’ organization linked to the Henry Jackson Society, shouting ‘Islamophobic’ abuse during a controversial event at University College London (UCL) on Thursday night. Elliot Miller, national organizer for Student Rights who has previously worked with the Israeli foreign ministry, had already been captured […]

Clinton Regrets Not Rigging Palestinian Election to Prevent Hamas Victory

A decade-old audio exposes then-Senator Hillary Clinton saying the US should have manipulated Palestinian parliamentary elections in 2006 to prevent a Hamas victory. The presidential candidate lamented that the US did not “determine who was going to win.” “I do not think we should have pushed for an election in the Palestinian territories. I think […]

Amex Cancel Pink Floyd Lead Singer Sponsorship Due to Palestinian Solidarity

Roger Waters, lead singer for rock music giants Pink Floyd, has lost a multimillion dollar sponsorship deal with American Express (Amex) for expressing support to students showing solidarity with the Palestinian people, Mondoweiss reported yesterday. Waters said: “I’m going to send out all of my most heartfelt love and support to all those young people […]

Fall Back One Hour to Standard Time Overnight

Published November 4, 2017 WASHINGTON — Most of the country will turn back the clock to Standard Time on Sunday, November 5, 2017. Officially the time change occurs at 2:00 local time, which means we gain the hour we lost this past spring. For many, the extra hour will allow for an extra hour of sleep. […]

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Off-Duty Black Cop Profiled And Beaten By White Officer

I went to the ground I kept saying, ‘I’m the police, I’m the police.’ There were two other officers there. I felt their presence and they placed me in handcuffs, and then somebody hit me in the right side of my face.” Continue reading

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