WaPo: Trump lawyers trying to get ahead of Mueller interview

Lawyers for President Donald Trump recently provided the special counsel’s office with documents in an attempt to limit the scope of an interview between Trump and special counsel Robert Mueller, The Washington Post reported Monday.

Two people familiar with the situation told the Post that Trump’s attorneys are worried that Trump could get into trouble during a lengthy interview with the special counsel, and therefore provided “written descriptions” of moments under investigation to limit some of the questioning.

Melania Trump lends support to Americans battling opioid crisis

First lady Melania Trump made a rare appearance that included public remarks Monday to reiterate her personal commitment to those battling the opioid crisis.

“In my role as first lady, much of my focus has been towards understanding the negative effects the opioid epidemic is having on our children and young mothers,” she said in New Hampshire.

Trump mentioned neonatal abstinence syndrome, a little-discussed but devastating side effect of pregnant women addicted to opioids who give birth to babies either addicted to drugs or faced with withdrawal symptoms.

“Many young mothers are not even aware of this disease, so we must continue educating them about the real dangers of opioids on unborn babies,” she said.

Trump noted her visit last month to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, a facility that is at the forefront on studies of and treatments for neonatal abstinence syndrome. She also mentioned Lily’s Place, a recovery center in West Virginia she visited in October that specializes in babies with the syndrome.

Trump has several times been the sympathetic voice in an administration frequently embroiled in upheaval and brashness, her compassionate side on display in the intermittent visits she has made to children in hospitals in the US and abroad.

The first lady did not attend a summit earlier this month at the White House of families and experts working to combat opioid abuse, but she referred to the event in Monday’s remarks.

“I’m proud to support this administration’s commitment to battling this epidemic,” said Trump, before introducing her husband.

The first couple embraced at the podium, where President Donald Trump called his wife “incredible” before outlining his plan to stop the drug epidemic.

Company building FIU bridge deletes social media accounts

The company responsible for construction of the pedestrian bridge that collapsed just off the Florida International University campus has gone dark on social media.

The Facebook and Twitter sites for Munilla Construction Management (MCM) have been deleted, although the company’s website is still operating.

On the website, the company says it deactivated the social media pages “out of consideration to the families and victims” of the accident and for the “safety of our employees.”

A message expressing the South Florida family-owned company’s thoughts after the bridge collapse remains on the homepage of mcm-us.com, along with a message refuting a report that claimed the company was responsible for an accident on a job site at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

MCM’s Twitter handle, @WeAreMCM, can no longer be found on the social media platform, and the company’s Facebook page is also missing.



Trump’s Latest “Deal”: Sell Syria to Saudi Arabia for $4 Billion

It’s no secret that Saudi Arabia has funneled weapons, fighter, and funds into Syria, now Trump is looking to sell off chunks of the embattled nation to the Saudi monarchy, making Saudi Arabia de facto arsonist and firefighter.

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Boca Raton man causes ruckus at Islamorada restaurant, leaves without paying

A Boca Raton man, angry about the price of dining out while vacationing in the Florida Keys, threw the check in a manager’s face and caused a scene at the restaurant before leaving without paying the bill, deputies said.

Albert Auer, 51, was arrested Sunday night after the incident at Pierre’s Lounge & Restaurant at Morada Bay in Islamorada.

The general manager told Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Patricia O’Keefe that Auer and his family were having dinner at the restaurant when paramedics were called to treat a family member who had a food allergy.

Paramedics examined the man in the parking lot along with Auer and then left after he appeared to be OK.

Auer and the man went back inside the restaurant to finish their dinner, receiving $105 off the price of the meal for their troubles.

However, that didn’t seem to be good enough for Auer, who had been drinking and became upset about the bill. 

Sheriff’s spokesman Adam Linhardt said Auer went into the kitchen, threw the checkbook at the manager’s face, screamed profanities at the manager and threatened to beat him up.

Linhardt said Auer put down a credit card and dared the manager to pick it up, but the manager declined, fearing the matter would escalate.

After multiple witnesses gave similar accounts about what happened, Auer was found at a resort, arrested and taken to jail. He faces charges of fraud and battery.

How Unarmed Civilians Stopped Violent Sinhala Buddhist Mobs in Sri Lanka

When Sinhala Buddhist mobs began sweeping through Sri Lanka’s Kandy district, hurling petrol bombs at Muslim-owned houses, shops and mosques, unarmed civilians stepped in and waged a waged a nonviolent campaign to protect their neighbors.

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Uber pulls self-driving cars after first fatal crash of autonomous car

Uber has removed its self-driving cars from the roads following what is believed to be the first fatality involving a fully autonomous car.

A self-driving Uber SUV struck and killed a pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona, Sunday night, according to the Tempe police. The department is investigating the crash.

A driver was behind the wheel at the time, the police said.

“The vehicle involved is one of Uber’s self-driving vehicles,” the Tempe police said in a statement. “It was in autonomous mode at the time of the collision, with a vehicle operator behind the wheel.”

Autonomous mode means the car is driving on its own. During tests, a person sits behind the wheel as a safeguard.

Uber is conducting tests of autonomous vehicles in Arizona, Pittsburgh, Toronto and other areas. Uber said it has using testing the vehicles throughout the United States and Canada.

Uber said it is “fully cooperating” with local officials. “Our hearts go out to the victim’s family,” Uber said in a statement.

A Bipartisan Majority of Americans Believe the “Deep State” Is Running the Country

“We usually expect opinions on the operation of government to shift depending on which party is in charge … but there’s an ominous feeling by Democrats and Republicans alike that a ‘Deep State’ of unelected operatives are pulling the levers of power.”

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