#ResistAIPAC: Protesters Took to Twitter, Streets to Condemn AIPAC Conference

By Diana Alghoul Thousands of Jews and many others took to the streets to protest outside this year’s AIPAC conference in condemnation of Israel’s increasingly hostile policies towards Palestinians, in the world’s largest Jewish-led anti-settlement protest. This is what 1000 Jews marching on @AIPAC looks like. #JewishResistance #ResistAIPAC @IfNotNowOrg pic.twitter.com/u9ULFc9nM4 — (((YonahLieberman))) (@YonahLieberman) March 26, […]

Gorsuch nomination will be held over by one week

Democrats on Monday delayed action in the Senate Judiciary Committee on Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.

Gorsuch will now face a committee vote April 3 after Democrats requested that the nomination be held for one week during a committee meeting.

Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley formally announced that three nominations that the judiciary committee is meeting on right now — including Gorsuch — will be held over by one week.

The delay had been widely expected.

The other two nominations were Rod Rosenstein, of Maryland, to be Deputy Attorney General, and Rachel Brand, of Iowa, to be Associate Attorney General, both of the Department of Justice.

With current Senate rules, Gorsuch will need the support of 60 members in order to be confirmed, meaning Republicans — who have only 52 senators — will need votes from Democrats. However, some Republicans — including the President — have suggested changing the rules to lowering the threshold for Supreme Court nominations to be a simple majority, more colloquially known as the “nuclear option.”

The White House criticized Democrats’ moves to slow Gorsuch’s nomination.

“The fact is an attempted filibuster of a Supreme Court nominee is rare, and to do so in this context with such an eminently qualified and brilliant judge, is nothing short of obstructionism,” White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said Monday, insisting that Democrats’ moves toward a filibuster aren’t in line with previous Senate consideration of Supreme Court nominees.

A filibuster “undermines decades of Senate tradition,” Spicer said. “He deserves a fair up or down vote.”

Car carrier overturns on ramp from Florida’s Turnpike to I-595

A car carrier overturned Monday afternoon on a ramp from Florida’s Turnpike to Interstate 595, causing traffic delays.

Sky 10 was above the ramp as the car carrier was resting on its side, blocking the lanes.

The southbound exit ramp to I-595 is closed while authorities work to clear the scene.

Report: Israel’s Mossad May Have Turned French Spies into Double Agents during Joint Op in Syria

Israeli intelligence agency Mossad attempted to turn French spies into double agents during a joint operation in Syria, Le Monde newspaper reported, citing a French intelligence report. The report, part-published by the French daily, reveals Mossad’s efforts to develop relationships with French spies between 2010 and 2011, in an effort to achieve its goal of […]

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Applauds DNB’s Decision to Sell its DAPL Loan

Published March 27, 2017 CANNON BALL, NORTH DAKOTA — On March 26, 2017, Norway’s DNB Bank announced that it entered an agreement to sell its share of the loan to the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), in order to signal “how important it is that the affected Indigenous population is involved and that their opinions are heard […]

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WATCH: Girl, 4, blown off feet by gust of wind

A suburban Cleveland 4-year-old was saved by her front door after a giant gust of wind lifted her off her feet.

“All I hear is ‘mommm!’ So I looked back and she’s pinned between the house and the glass door. She is OK and laughing along with it!” wrote the girl’s mother Brittany Gardner on Facebook, where she posted the wind-whipped video.

Many of the video’s comments expressed relief that the little gal was OK. It has been viewed more than 487,000 times on the social media site. Check it out below:

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Shenandoah Middle School evacuates after reports of smoke coming from classroom

Shenandoah Middle School was evacuated Monday afternoon after authorities received reports that smoke was coming out of a classroom, Miami Fire Rescue Capt. Ignatius Carroll said.Sky 10 was above the middle school at 1950 SW 19th St. at 2:20 p.m. and i…