The Native American & Indigenous Studies Association Boycott of Israel

Share This BBSNews resource! BBSNews 2014-01-20 — By Dina Gilio-Whitaker. Earlier this month the American Studies Association made big news when it voted to [more…]

Israel Verges on Anti-Free Speech Law

Share This BBSNews resource! BBSNews 2014-01-17 — By Michael Hess. Jerusalem Post in Israel published an editorial on Thursday discussing an impending Israeli law [more…]

Ariel “Arik” Sharon, Israeli Warhorse and Terrorist 1928-2014

Share This BBSNews resource!BBSNews 2014-01-11 By Michael Hess. Ariel Sharon, architect of the illegal colonies and colonist movement in the Palestinian Occupied Territories is [more…]

Israeli Incitement Against Peace Reaches Rampant Levels

Share This BBSNews resource!BBSNews 2014-01-05 — By Michael Hess. To hear Bibi tell it, Israel is a completely innocent country with no anti-Arab incitement [more…]

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