US Hispanics Abandoning Organized Religion

Crucifixes, Virgin Mary statuettes, ornate Spanish-style churches: so
many religious images seem permanently linked with Hispanic Americans.
But that’s eroding fast, according to US pollster George Barna.

In the fourth update
on his annual survey of American religion, Barna says this
once-reverent group has been attending church and Sunday school less,
volunteering less at church, and reading the Bible less over the last 20

And their religious life is fading faster than those of whites  and blacks in America, the report adds.

ethnic group that reflected the most profound level of religious change
over the last 20 years was Hispanics,” the report says. It adds that
Hispanics have changed more than the other two groups both in the degree
of religious belief and behavior and across more categories.

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Atheism Wins Converts as Aussie Census Looms

ALMOST 15,000 people have joined an Atheist Foundation of Australia push to mark “no religion” on the coming census.

The foundation has begun unveiling billboards urging people to take the religion out of politics.

Thousands have also vowed to mark “no religion” in a Facebook campaign.

AFA president David Nicholls said many people selected the religion they were born into, despite not being religious.

He said the transfer of taxpayers’ money to religious organisations was justified on the basis of the census results.

than 70,000 people declared themselves Jedi order members in 2001 but
Mr Nicholls warned such an answer was now marked as no response.


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Selling Human Organs: Ritual Killings for Medicine, and the Quest for Secular Healing!

Arguments revolving around the ethics of critical thought maintain that colonialism, and in this case, the British, were responsible for the invention of superstitious insanity, diluting the traditional practices that African communities had within the…

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Catholic Church Admits Wrongdoing in Forced Australian Adoptions

The Catholic Church in Australia has issued a national
apology over past adoption practices that have been described as a
“national disgrace”. The apology was prompted by national media investigation into claims of abuse and trauma in Newcastle.

is believed at least 150,000 Australian women had their babies taken
against their will by some churches and adoption agencies between the
1950s and 1970s.

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The State of Africa and Uganda




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As a lifelong resident of Uganda and Africa as well as president of the Atheist Association of Uganda, I have a good idea of the conditions and challenges that Africans face to live.


is perhaps the most miserable place the world has ever known. This fact is all
but ignored by the media in western countries. Most of the governments here,
although calling themselves promoters of democracy, are ruthless dictatorships,
ruled by greed and callous disregard for human life and dignity. They are
supported by religious institutions that desire a share in the power, and they
are supported by the “Western World” because they can still exploit
them for profit.

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Irish PM Describes Vatican as Dysfunctional, Disconnected, Narcissistic

In an unprecedented attack on the Catholic Church by a head of state, the Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny today called the Vatican an elitist, dysfunctional, disconnected, and narcissistic institution over the distractions and obfuscations that the Vatican has offered in attempting to explain away the church priest pedophile scandals

Kenny promised that the historic relationship between the Catholic Church and the Irish State “would never be the same.”

“The rape and torture of children were downplayed or ‘managed’ to uphold
instead the primacy of the institution, its power, standing and
‘reputation’,” the taoiseach (Prime Minister) said.

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