Gay Marriage in New Mexico

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Marchers for Gay rights and Marriage Equality in 2005. Photo by John Rhea 2005.

Marchers for Gay rights and Marriage Equality in 2005. Photo by John Rhea 2005.

The mayor of Santa Fe has come out in favor of gay marriage in New Mexico in a new and bold way. According to Santa Fe, New Mexico Mayor David Coss, gay marriage is already legal because the state definition of marriage in New Mexico is gender neutral. The city attorney general Geno Zamora, has weighed in as well asserting in a three page opinion that New Mexico law does not preclude same sex marriage.

Mayor Coss and city Councilor Patti Bushee have introduced a city council resolution recognizing marriage equality in the city of Santa Fe, and this is a welcome resolution in a city already renowned the world over for being a diverse and multicultural city with people and families of all stripes. Mayor Coss said on Saturday that “it’s time to bring marriage equality into New Mexico”.

While Mayor Coss has encouraged county clerks to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, most are reticent to buck the trend of marriage equality and are waiting to be forced on the matter. Santa Fe County Clerk Geraldine Salazar claims to want to be able to issue the licenses but is not willing to do so, refusing to rely on the legal opinion of the city attorney general and instead deferring to the state.

With a Republican governor, there’s no telling when that moment will happen because nearly every progressive across America knows full well that Republicans, led by the Tea Baggers, hate gays and equal rights for LGBT persons unless of course one of their family members happens to be gay, and then suddenly they become marriage equality advocates…


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