Man falls 4 stories from Miami apartment, fire officials say

A man fell four stories from an apartment complex on Sunday, Miami-Dade Fire Rescue said.

MDFR said the man was taken to Kendal Regional Medical Center after falling from the apartment building at 8801 Fontainebleau Blvd.

It’s unclear how severe the man’s injuries are.

No other details were immediately released.


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Traffic stop leads to carjacking arrest in Monroe County

A routine traffic stop for a broken taillight resulted in the arrest of the driver on suspicion of carjacking, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office. 

Deputy Cody Kerns noticed a broken taillight on a black Pontiac that was northbound on U.S. 1 at 3:40 a.m. Saturday. When 34-year-old Dennis Cooper, of Key Largo, was pulled over at mile marker 102  Kerns recognized from previous encounters.

Cooper handed Kerns a learner’s permit, and a check of his name showed that his license had been suspended, deputies said. His female passenger also only had a learner’s permit.

As a result Cooper, who had two previous arrests for driving with a suspended license, was arrested, deputies said.

Kerns found a large amount of fresh blood on the driver’s door and on the center console of the vechile, deputies said.  Since neither Cooper nor the passenger were injured, Kerns asked the passenger where the car had come from.

That’s when the passenger made a phone call and handed the phone over to Kern, deputies said. On the line was a named Craig, who said he knew Cooper had the vehicle, but that he didn’t know that his license was suspended.

Shortly after, a call came in about a carjacking. The caller said his nose was broken and that his car had been taken by Cooper, deputies said.

The owner of the vehicle, Craig,  had blood all over him when deputies arrived and had an apparent broken nose, deputies said.

Craig told deputies that he was surrounded by a bunch of Cooper’s friends when he was on the phone with Kerns earlier, and that he was scared of speaking freely out of a fear of being hurt, deputies said.

Craig told deputies that he and  Cooper had been at Hibiscus Park and that he had let Cooper borrow his car. He said refused to return his keys and that he got punched in the nose while attempting to get them back from Cooper, deputies said. 

Cooper was arrested on charges of driving with his license suspended, carjacking and aggravated battery.



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Keys man found with half-pound marijuana, other drugs in truck

A Marathon man was arrested after deputies found a variety of drugs inside his truck, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office said.

Deputy Matthew Cory was dispatched at the Overseas Lounge after someone reported  seeing a man being passed out in a truck.

When Cory arrived he found Hayes Culbertson sitting in his truck, scratching off lottery tickets, deputies said.

After being questioned about a strong marijuana smell coming from the vehicle, Culbertson admitted to Cory that he had a small amount of the substance in the truck, deputies said.

Culbertson was asked to exit the truck and he was detained.

Marijuana was found throughout the truck, including a half-pound of it in a vacuum-sealed bag inside a pillow case, deputies said. Hash, cocaine, hash oil, amphetamine, dextroamphetamine and drug paraphernalia were also found.

Culbertson was then arrested on multiple drug possession charges. 

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