Southwest Ranches purse snatching caught on camera

A purse snatching was caught on camera in Southwest Ranches.

The victim, Patricia Coxe, was dragged as she tried to stop the thieves while pumped gas in her car.

“It was my purse and he had it and I went to get it and I would probably do it again,” Coxe, 64, said.

The incident took place at 11 a.m. Friday at the Shell gas station at 159th Avenue and Sheridan Street.

“My car was locked, pumping the gas standing there and I heard this loud kaboom, ” Coxe said. “I turned and saw the glass shattered in my car. Then I  saw a gentleman inside my car removing my purse and my work medical bag, and going back to his car.”

Acting on adrenaline, Coxe took off after him.

“I did not grab on the car. I went over the door and the man that grabbed my purse closed the doors on my arms inside that car,” she said.

And that led to the wild ride caught on camera.

 After a few minutes, they stopped the car and let her go.

Coxe sustained deep bruises to her arms.

“This is what you did to my victim, we will catch you and we will find you,” Det. John Bennett of Davie police said.

Coxe said community residents must come forward and help catch these guys before someone’s else grandmother is hurt or worse.

“It scared me to death when I see the video and think about what could have happened,” she said.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS. 


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Surveillance video shows woman taking shot at bar with children alone in car

Surveillance video obtained Tuesday by Local 10 News shows a Deerfield Beach woman taking a shot at a Margate bar while her two children were left alone in her car, police said.

Crystal Chavez, 30, faces a charge of child neglect without great bodily harm.

According to an arrest report, Chavez was at Jesse’s Xtreme Sports Bar last month while her children, ages 10 and 5, were in the car with the windows rolled up and the engine turned off for almost half an hour.

Surveillance video shows a woman, identified by police as Chavez, laughing, hugging and smiling with other patrons at the bar before taking a shot with them.

It was another patron at the bar who called police.

“Hi, I’m at Jesse’s Xtreme Sports Bar, and there’s a lady inside the bar who has left her kids inside of the car unattended,” the patron told a 911 dispatcher.

The patron said she saw two children in a Toyota Corolla parked outside the bar.

“One was just standing outside of the car, and she saw me come and she shut the door,” the patron said.

The caller, who didn’t want to give her name, told the dispatcher that she was standing outside “keeping an eye” on the children. She provided a description of the woman for police.

“OK, she’s sitting at the bar right now, too?” the dispatcher asked.

“She is,” the patron said.

Chavez, who is from Deerfield Beach, closed her tab a short time later and walked out to the parking lot where police and her children were waiting for her. 

Employees and patrons were stunned, some peeking out the window of the bar as she was led away in handcuffs. 

The children are now living with relatives for the time being. 

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‘Moonlight’ cast member aims to open doors with summer camp

After the creation of Miami, Overtown was the neighborhood designated for blacks. Bahamians and African-American workers loved Miami’s “Little Broadway.” Nat King Cole, Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzegerald were among the regulars.  

The construction of a highway, Interstate 95 and later Interstate 395, decimated the neighborhood. Tanisha Cidel grew up in Miami Gardens, one of the communities that absorbed some of the residents who were forced out of their Overtown homes in the wake of the demolitions. 

When she was a little girl, she left Opa-locka Elementary School for the Rainbow Park Elementary School’s expressive arts program. Her mom, a Scott Lake Elementary School teacher, helped her after school and she graduated from the New World School of the Arts. 

“I knew I wanted to do singing, dancing and acting. I had a mentor who taught me that it was better if you were a triple threat, because you could get three times the jobs,” said Cidel, the musical theater director at Norland Middle School’s performing arts magnet program. 

Cidel graduated from Florida International University and returned to her neighborhood to give back. Two of her students, Jaden Piner and Alex Hibbert, got starring roles in the movie “Moonlight,” which won three Academy Awards and has grossed over $65 million. She wants more locals to shine. 

“Moonlight” chronicled the life of an African-American gay man and was filmed in Miami’s Liberty City, another neighborhood that welcomed displaced residents from Overtown. Seventh-grader Alex played the child version of the main character, Cidel played a school principal and Jaden played his classmate. 

“Miami has embraced Moonlight, and because of that we started a conversation about how important the film industry is for our community,” Cidel said. “We have to foster local talent.”

She and her husband, Bringle Cidel, Dr. Michael Krop Senior High School’s band director, co-founded Evolutionary Arts Life to help foster local talent. Although the specialized public school programs set up in the 1970s to remedy racial segregation are opening doors, Cidel believes there is more to be done.

“After school programs level the playing field, but not everyone can afford them,” said Cidel, who is also the director of the Ailey Camp Miami held and sponsored by the Adrienne Arsht Center in conjunction with the Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation. 

Cidel is offering five full scholarships for the Evolutionary Arts Life summer program, but her dream is to offer more in the future. The organizations summer camp, workshops and before and after care programs range from $75 to $5. This summer the children will get a free lunch and snack daily. 

“It’s absolutely not about the money. It’s about giving them access. It all begins with accessibility and training,” Cidel said. “There are a lot of children in our community who don’t even know that Miami has a new science museum. That’s why I am doing what I am doing. We need to expose all of our children to things that they may not even know they could be interested in.” 

The deadline to register for the summer camp is June 17. Evolutionary Arts Life will also be offering  partial scholarships. For more information about the program or about how to contribute to Evolutionary Arts Life’s scholarship program, visit the website or e-mail 

Local 10 News Kerry Weston contributed to this report. 

Flashback: My Future, My Choice townhall with ‘Moonlight’ cast members

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London ringleader Khuram Butt was intensely investigated

London attack ringleader Khuram Butt was identified as a major potential threat, leading to an investigation that started in 2015, UK counterterrorism sources tell CNN.

British police and MI5 began investigating Butt intensively as part of a major drive to dismantle and destabilize al-Muhajiroun, a grouping of extremists in the UK supportive of ISIS, the sources told CNN.

Butt was seen as a heavyweight figure in al-Muhajiroun, whose hardline views made him potentially one of the most dangerous extremists in the UK, the sources said Tuesday. The investigation into Butt involved a “full package” of investigatory measures, the sources told CNN.

Among Butt’s extremists contacts in the UK was a British al-Muhajiroun figure who helped organize training in Malakand, Pakistan, for some of those involved in a plot to bomb the UK in 2004 with fertilizer bombs and one of the 7/7 London bombers, according to the sources.

British counterterrorism officials moved more aggressively to take down al-Muhajiroun in 2014 after British extremists began to flock to Syria to join ISIS’s newly declared caliphate. A significant proportion of the British foreign fighters reaching Syria had links to the group, according to the sources.

Police say Butt, 27, was one of three men who rammed a van into pedestrians on London Bridge before launching a stabbing spree in bars and restaurants at nearby Borough Market on Saturday night. All three were shot dead by police.

The assailants killed seven people and wounded 48 others.

Worries about an attack on British soil

After ISIS called for attacks in the West in September 2014, British security services grew increasingly concerned that al-Muhajiroun members who had remained in the UK would carry out terrorist attacks. One of those they were most concerned about was Butt, the sources said.

Al-Muhajiroun’s roots in the UK date back to the 1990s, when it was founded by a Syrian cleric living in Tottenham named Omar Bakri Mohammed. When Bakri Mohammed was banned from the UK after the 2005 London bombings, Anjem Choudary, a British-Pakistani extremist with legal training, emerged as the group’s leader in the UK.

In order to evade a series of bans by British authorities, al-Muhajiroun repeatedly changed its name, operating under a variety of guises including Shariah4UK and Muslims against Crusades. Despite openly whipping up support for al Qaeda and then ISIS amongst radical-leaning Muslims on the streets of London, Choudary’s knowledge of British law allowed him to tailor his message to stay just on the right side of the law.

This made it difficult for British authorities to find grounds to charge him. Choudary’s lieutenants, including Butt, were also careful in what they said in public and private.

The difficulty in building a case against al-Muhajiroun members was for years intensely frustrating to British counterterrorism officials, who were keenly aware of the effect proselytizers such as Choudary were having on a generation of young British Muslims, the sources told CNN.

Up to two-thirds of all terror plots involving UK nationals at home and overseas in the previous two decades had been linked to the group according to the sources, including the 2005 London bombings, the murder of British soldier Lee Rigby in east London in 2013 and a copycat plot in August 2014 to behead another British soldier in the capital.

Authorities scoured for any criminal behavior

Realizing a new strategy was necessary and increasingly worried by the growing threat from ISIS, British officials decided to take a zero tolerance approach to al-Muhajiroun. The new maxim was to take al-Muhajiroun members out of circulation by arresting them on whatever grounds could be found to get them off the streets.

One official involved in the effort described it as going after Al Capone for tax evasion. British counterrorrism investigators examined known supporters of ISIS to find even the smallest evidence of criminal behavior. These included traffic violations, minor fraud, and petty crime.

As part of the new proactive approach, police in London and other parts of the country arrested dozens of al-Muhajiroun members. Search warrants allowed them to search the premises and the computers of individuals British security services thought were potentially dangerous through their network of informants and the monitoring of social media.

In August 2015, British police arrested Choudary himself after the preacher slipped up by crossing the line and inciting support for a proscribed terrorist organization — ISIS — in lectures which were published online. He was given a five-year prison sentence after a trial last year. Mohammed Rahman, another leading figure in the group, was charged and convicted of the same crimes.

London attack may have been planned only recently

“These men have stayed just within the law for many years, but there is no one within the counterterrorism world that has any doubts of the influence that they have had, the hate they have spread and the people that they have encouraged to join terrorist organizations,” Commander Dean Haydon, head of the Metropolitan police’s counterterrorism command said after the Choudary and Rahman verdicts.

British investigators believe Butt was the dominant figure in the plot to attack London Bridge and Borough market, the sources told CNN

British officials have said there was no intelligence as a result of their investigations into Butt to suggest that he was planning an attack and the investigation had been “prioritized accordingly.” British security services had no inkling he was planning to attack on Saturday night, the sources told CNN. Investigators now believe Butt and his two co-conspirators only spent two to three weeks planning the attack, the sources told CNN.

The sources also told CNN:

— The reason armed police were so quick to react to the shooting was a mobile field unit of armed officers happened to be positioned nearby.

— Investigators now believe Manchester attacker Salman Abedi likely built the bomb he set off at Manchester Arena last month. Investigators believe that given the power and relative sophistication of his device he likely received bombmaking training at some point in Libya. Twenty-two people were killed and dozens more injured after Ariana Grande’s concert.

— British authorities are worried more extremists in the UK will try carry out attacks in the next few weeks because of ISIS’ calls to surge attacks during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

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Video shows man randomly jumping on woman’s car, breaking windshield

Video captured a man randomly jumping on a woman’s car as she was leaving a shopping plaza and breaking her windshield.

The victim’s dashcam caught Monday’s incident in Atlanta, and now police are searching for the suspect.

WSB reports Kristen, who only wanted to be identified by her first name, had finished getting gas and was startled to find a man approaching her car.

“All of a sudden the next thing I know (he was) jumping and kicking in the windshield,” Kristen told WSB. “I was so terrified.”

Kristen filed a police report and posted the video online to help identify the suspect.


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Surveillance video captures burglar stealing cash from Oakland Park restaurant

The Broward Sheriff’s Office is searching for a man who was captured last month on surveillance video burglarizing a restaurant in Oakland Park. 

The burglary was reported just before 6 a.m. May 18 at Thai Spice at 1514 E. Commercial Blvd.

Deputies said the man smashed his way into the business and yanked out the till from a cash register.

Surveillance video shows the thief leaving through the front door with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Robert Sokol at 954-202-3144. Anonymous tips can be made by calling Broward Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS. A reward of up to $3,000 is offered for information that leads to an arrest. 

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