Famous Disney World ride scene to disappear in February

After four decades, it appears that no one will win the companionship of the redhead on one of Walt Disney World’s most popular rides.

The resort will shut down the classic Pirates of the Caribbean ride at the Magic Kingdom next spring to remove the famous auction scene where pirate invaders are seen selling the women of the fictional town.

The ride will be closed for refurbishment on February 26, 2018.  When it reopens on March 19, the redhead will return, but this time she will have become a pirate and oversee an auction of stolen “loot.”

Disney announced the controversial changes at all the company’s Pirates of the Caribbean rides over the summer, but the exact date it will disappear in Florida was just made official.

The Kingdom Insider reports the new scene has already made its debut in Disneyland Paris, which you can watch below.

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95 alligators removed from Disney property in Orlando since toddler killed

Disney is continuing to do all it can to remove alligators from its Seven Seas Lagoon more than a year after a 2-year-old boy was drowned by a gator.

A lighthouse on the shore of the lake serves as a tribute and reminder of a heartbreaking story.

Lane Graves was building sandcastles on the beach of Disney’s Grand Floridian resort in June 2016 when an alligator lunged at him and pulled him underwater.

Authorities recovered his body the following afternoon.

Since the attack, Disney has placed signs, fences and rocks along the resort’s lake to protect visitors.

Disney is now taking it a step further by significantly increasing the number of gators captured on its property.

In the 15 months before the attack, trappers removed 45 nuisance alligators from the lake. But since the attack, trappers have captured 95 gators, 10 of which were captured the week following the attack.

The most recent capture was on Sept. 5 when trappers captured an 11-foot long gator. It’s unclear where on Disney property the gator was found.

It looks like Disney has no plans of slowing down in its efforts.

Earlier this year, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission issued a revised permit to Disney, allowing them to remove up to 400 alligators through April 2023. They were previously permitted to remove up to 300.

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Zoo Miami chimps return to home exhibit after Irma

The latest Hurricane Irma evacuees were finally able to return home on Wednesday.

The five chimpanzees at Zoo Miami returned to their exhibit for the first time since the storm ravaged the park over a month ago.

Since Irma, the chimps have been staying in their holding facilities and were unable to play in the exhibit due to downed trees and other damage.

Zoo Miami ambassador Ron Magill says the chimps came down with “cabin fever” after being kept away from the exhibit’s natural grass, trees and climbing structures.

The zoo will reopen to the public on Saturday.

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Ticuna, a giant river otter, gets double root canal at Zoo Miami

Ticuna, the giant river otter, was doing “swimmingly well” Wednesday afternoon after getting a double root canal on Tuesday at Zoo Miami’s Christopher Weeks Animal Hospital.

The 4 1/2 year old otter weighs 50 pounds and is endangered. She is believed to be the first giant river otter to ever get a double root canal, according to Ron Magill, the zoo’s good will ambassador and communications director, 

Ticuna had broken both of her upper canines, exposing the pulp and creating what must have been severe pain, Magill said.

Otters will sometimes break their teeth in the wild while chewing on mollusks, bony fish and other hard substances.

In the wild, these injuries can prevent an otter from eating, and can lead to the animal’s death.

Dr. Jan Bellows, of All Pets Dental, along with Dr. Elizabeth McMorran and veterinary dental assistant Joana Macias were assisted by Zoo Miami’s veterinary team, led by Dr. Gaby Flacke, in performing the root canal on Ticuna.

Bellows and McMorran each worked on a separate canine simultaneously to reduce the amount of time Ticuna would have to be under anesthesia.

“Both root canals were performed successfully without incident and Ticuna now appears to be fully recovered back at her habitat in Zoo Miami’s Amazon and Beyond exhibit,” Magill said in a media release.

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Hurricane Irma closes Orlando-area theme parks

All the popular theme parks in Central Florida have decided to close down due to Hurricane Irma.

Walt Disney World was the last to make it official, announcing the resort’s four parks, water parks and other guest areas will be closed Sunday and Monday. officially closed.

Universal Orlando announced it will close at 7 p.m. on Saturday with the hope of reopening on Tuesday, Sept. 12.

The closure will include Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Volcano Bay and CityWalk.

Universal Orlando’s on-site hotels are currently at full capacity and will remain operational.

Rock the Universe will take place Friday night at Universal Studios Florida. The event, however, is canceled for Saturday night and Sunday morning. Saturday ticket-holders can attend the Friday event.

“We’re continuing to monitor Hurricane Irma and bringing you the latest information on how it will affect any planned visits to Universal Orlando Resort,” the park said.

SeaWorld Orlando and Busch Gardens Tampa Bay will close by 5 p.m. Saturday. Both parks will remain closed through Monday.

Aquatica Orlando and Adventure Island will be closed Saturday through Monday. Discovery Cove will be closed Sunday and Monday.

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