Changes coming ahead of president’s return to Mar-A-Lago Tuesday

President Donald Trump will be spending the Thanksgiving holiday in Mar-A-Lago, and the surrounding communities and businesses are preparing for the restrictions that come with him.During his initial visits to the so-called “Winter White House&rd…

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Trump plans 5-day stay at ‘Southern White House’ for Thanksgiving

President Donald Trump arrives at Palm Beach for a five-day stay Tuesday afternoon, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. But before leaving the White House, Trump must pardon the turkey in the Rose Garden and celebrate the 70th anniversary of the tradition.

The FAA warned the Palm Beach County Park/Lantana Airport authorities the president will arrive about 5:15 p.m. The U.S. Secret Service was preparing for Trump to spend Thanksgiving with family at the Trump National Golf Club Mar-a-Lago, which the president has said is “the Southern White House.”

Air Force One will be departing Palm Beach about 7:30 p.m. on Nov. 26. The president will likely return to Palm Beach for Christmas. Trump’s critics focused on the presence of one of the world’s most expensive yachts owned by a prominent Russian oligarch, and also on the cost that the visit imposes on local authorities. 

The Palm Beach Post reported Roman Abramovich, a prominent Russian oligarch with ties to Vladimir Putin, docked his 533-foot yacht at the Port of Palm Beach Friday and will stay through December. 

Records show the Department of the Air Force spent about $1.3 million to fly the president to Palm Beach County during his two first trips, according to the Judicial Watch.  

The Palm Beach Post estimated the local agencies’ cost of the first two trips was approaching $3.7 million. The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office was taking the brunt of it. The department’s cover photo for its Twitter account is an image of Air Force One. 

So far, PBSO has spent approx. $3.5 Million protecting @POTUS & his guests since he was President Elect. We are hopeful for reimbursement.

— PBSO (@PBCountySheriff) April 11, 2017

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Targeting MS-13 means overlooking victims’ immigration status, chief says

Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office Chief Frank DeMario told reporters Central American members of the feared MS-13 gang are targeting undocumented workers.

DeMario said he wants undocumented migrants who are victims of crimes to know that he will not be reporting them to federal authorities if they report their aggressors.  

Deputies arrested Victor Manuel Fuentes, 20, and five teenagers ages 16 and 17 accusing them of being involved in armed robberies and two murders. They were all identified as undocumented MS-13 gang members, who DeMario said showed no remorse. 

“We don’t go  chasing down people to see if they are illegal or  not,” DeMario said. “We don’t even have the time to do the things that we have to do, and I know [the feds] don’t do that as well. You know so, we are looking at criminals, people who come here to commit crimes and to commit murder.”       

Sgt. Christopher Karpinski said they found the gang members while investigating two  murders, Oct. 30 and Nov. 5, and three armed robberies  in Lake Worth. Fuentes had the weapon they believe was used in the crimes.   

  “Our suspects were targeting their victims, because they believed their victims would not report it,” Karpinski said. “We are asking not matter who our victims are in Palm Beach County, we are going to work your case.”       

According to deputies, Fuentes said a demon inside his head made him pull the trigger when he killed Lucio Velasquez-Morales about 7 a.m., Oct. 30. After robbing the 33-year-old undocumented worker, he shot him in the heart and liver.  

Karpinski said Fuentes also killed Octavio Sanchez-Morales Nov. 5. The 25-year-old undocumented worker was riding his bike when Fuentes robbed him, shot his jaw and right arm, and left him for dead.   

“These guys were specifically targeted because of who they were,” Karpinski said about Sanchez-Morales and Velasquez-Morales. 

Karpinski said two of the accused were from Honduras and four were from El Salvador. They were all undocumented. The investigation is still ongoing.   

“We not only should but must cooperate with our partners on the federal side, specifically ICE,” DeMario said. 

In July, President Donald Trump promised he was going to “destroy” the “animals” belonging to MS-13 and federal authorities were going to send them to jails and back to their countries.

Although U.S. Customs and Border Patrol assisted PBSO, Karpinski said the six arrests were not related to “Operation Raging Bull,” a crackdown that federal authorities say netted 267 MS-13 gang members and associates after an 18-month probe.

DeMario said anyone with information about members of the MS-13 gang need to call  Palm Beach County Crime Stoppers to remain anonymous  at 1-800-458-8477. 

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Burglars steal $400,000 from Venus Williams’ Palm Beach County home

Burglars hit tennis star Venus Williams’ South Florida home, stealing $400,000 worth of goods while she was at the U.S. Open, authorities said.

Palm Beach Gardens police released a report Thursday about the burglary, which happened between Sept. 1 and 5. Police redacted details of what was stolen. The burglary was first reported by WPEC-TV.

In June, Williams was involved in a traffic accident near her home that killed a passenger in the other car. The crash remains under investigation.

Palm Beach Gardens police did not release information about the accident until the website TMZ reported it three weeks later.

Maj. Eduardo Guillen said it is not the department’s practice to issue news releases about major crimes and fatal traffic accidents, something other departments do routinely.

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ARM demands felony charges against dairy farm workers accused of abusing cows

The Animal Recovery Mission is demanding that felony charges be brought against employees at the Larson Dairy Farm in Okeechobee who they said were caught on camera abusing cows.

Surveillance video acquired by an undercover ARM investigator shows employees beating the cows.

According to a news release, the undercover investigator secured a job at Larson Dairy in August and captured and documented the “extensive and widespread abuse.”

ARM is requesting that state and federal authorities charge Larson Dairy owner Jacob Larson with a third-degree felony for having control of the dairy cows at the company’s barn and failing to act upon his employees.

ARM is also requesting that charges be brought against the dairy farm workers and their supervisors.

“Larson Dairy’s violence toward animals is both disturbing and horrific. It saddens me knowing that these cows are still in the hands of such abusers. The unfortunate reality is the abusive practices we found at Larson are a plague across much of the dairy industry. We are committed to ensuring those responsible are brought to justice,” said Richard Couto, founder and lead investigator of ARM. “As we will prove in the coming weeks, the unfortunate reality is the abusive practices we found at Larson are a plague across much of the dairy industry. We are committed to ensuring those responsible are brought to justice.”

ARM officials said Larson Dairy workers were instructed by their supervisors to use any means necessary to increase production.

***WARNING: Video shows graphic footage that some may find disturbing*** 


They said steel rebar was used as weapons to force cows into their milking stations and employees used the rebar to spear and beat the dairy cows repeatedly in the torso and head.

ARM officials said workers also were captured on camera punching and kicking the cows in the head, often bringing the 1,500-pound animal to its knees.

ARM officials claimed that Larson witnessed many of the abuses within the milking barn and never made any attempt to discipline his employees.

Larson Dairy produces more than 25,000 gallons of milk a day and sells its milk in many large grocery stores, including Publix, ARM officials said.

ARM officials said the company also has strong ties to the University of Florida, which uses Larson Daisy as a laboratory for dairy science and the UF veterinary school.

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Tiger Woods appears in Palm Beach County court to resolve DUI case

Superstar golfer Tiger Woods appeared in a Palm Beach County courtroom Friday to resolve a driving under the influence case.

Woods, 41, pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of reckless driving and agreed to enter a first-time offender program.

In the diversion program, Woods will spend a year on probation and pay a $250 fine and court costs.

Other requirements include attending DUI school, performing 20 hours of community service and attending a workshop where victims of impaired drivers detail how their lives were damaged.

Since he was intoxicated with prescription drugs and marijuana, Woods also must undergo regular drug tests.

Woods was arrested May 29 about 15 miles from his home in Jupiter, where officers found him unconscious in his Mercedes-Benz, which was parked awkwardly on the side of the road and had damage to the driver’s side.

The world’s former No. 1 golfer didn’t know where he was when asked by officers and he stumbled and swayed through a field sobriety test, police dashboard camera video showed. Woods told officers he was taking the painkiller Vicodin and Xanax, which treats anxiety and insomnia, to cope with his fourth back surgery in April. Tests showed he had no alcohol in his system.

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