Cid Torrez’s sentencing continued to end of month after courtroom rant

Cid Torrez’s sentencing was continued to the end of the month after he went on a bizarre courtroom rant Thursday.

“Commander-in-chief, the witch hunt ends here,” Torrez said. “My name is Cid Torrez. The witch hunt ends here.” 

Thursday’s sentencing hearing came months after Torrez was convicted of second-degree murder in the killing of his estranged wife.

His new sentencing hearing has been scheduled for Oct. 23. His attorney told Local 10 News reporter Shyann Malone that the judge ordered that his client be re-evaluated. 

The former couple’s eldest child testified during the trial that she heard a howling sound at her home on the morning that authorities believe Vilet Torrez was killed.

The teen told jurors that she then heard her father say, “No, you wake up.”

Vilet Torrez Jr., who shares the same first name as her mother, also spoke at her father’s sentencing hearing Thursday, telling her father in part, “You are going to go to hell. Thanks for everything dad.”

Vilet Torrez Jr. said she has suffered from depression and panic attacks since her mother’s disappearance.

“You make me sick. How dare you have the nerve to do this to me, to your sons, to your family, to my mom’s family, to everyone,” she told her father. 

Vilet Torrez Sr. was last seen on surveillance video early in the morning on March 31, 2012, after arriving back to her Miramar home after a night out with her boyfriend.

Her boyfriend, Zoe Rodriguez, testified during the trial, claiming that Cid Torrez told him to end his relationship with the victim.

Prosecutors painted Cid Torrez during the trial as a jealous husband, who was upset that his soon-to-be ex-wife had moved on with another man.

Detectives said two cadaver dogs detected the odor of human remains in the trunk and backseat of Cid Torrez’s car and at the couple’s home.

Police said Cid Torrez’s co-worker told them the defendant believed his wife had cheated on him and used a program to monitor her cellphone.

Vilet Torrez’s body has never been found. 

Cid Torrez did not testify during his trial. He faces up to life in prison when he is sentenced. 

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Miramar residents concerned about sewage spill, water conditions after Irma

Angry and frustrated about water conditions Miramar residents gathered Monday on the banks of a canal at the Canalin Country Club Ranches.

Residents say the canal, which sits off Southwest 132nd Avenue and Miramar Parkway, has a high concentration of dangerous bacteria after a sewer line broke when a tree was knocked over during Hurricane Irma.

During the past two weeks, thousands of gallons of raw sewage have spilled into the canal.

Residents fear that the water from the canal may have spilled into their well water.

“We have well water and we have to drink it and bathe in it,” Gene Heagney said. 

Crews from the city were sent in last week to fix the ruptured line. 

The city said the water is safe and have distributed flyers containing test results to residents.

But several residents have commissioned their own tests by using an independent lab.

The result of those tests contradict the city’s results. City members were not present at Monday’s meeting. 

“It wasn’t a big surprise when we found out that as far as the canal is concerned ” Michael Kaufman said. “This is a very dangerous canal.” 

Residents are demanding a City Hall meeting in order to discuss those findings. 

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Ruptured pipe sends gallons of sewage spilling into Miramar canals

A crew hired by the city of Miramar has been pumping potentially contaminated gunk out of canals in the Country Club Ranches neighborhood as residents in the area worry about long-term issues.

A tree knocked over by Hurricane Irma caused a pipe to burst on Sept. 11, sending gallons of sewage spilling into the canals and even into a yard.

“It is just disgusting. It really is. It’s a foul odor that’s just — you can just imagine,” Yeddy Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez and her family live near a canal just down the street from where the break happened.

She said the stench was unbearable until city workers came by and treated the water and roads with 700 pounds of chlorine.

But now, neighbors said they’re dealing with new infestations of mosquitoes, and they are worried that the well water they use every day to survive could be in danger of contamination.

“We’re utilizing this water to bathe (and) brush our teeth. We don’t know if this is getting into our well water,” Rodriguez said.

“We don’t know how long it’s going to take for this contamination to get into our wells, possibly, but it’s a real risk,” another neighbor, Mike Kaufman, said.

City officials said they have pumped out hundreds of thousands of gallons of the water in the canal and they are continuing to do testing to make sure the wells aren’t contaminated.

So far, no fecal bacteria have been found, but neighbors are worried that it’s just a matter of time.

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Miramar Mayor Wayne Messam distributes food, water to residents after storm

Miramar Mayor Wayne M. Messam is distributing bottled water and ready-to-eat meals Friday to residents following Hurricane Irma.

The event begins at noon and is being held at Mirmar Parkway and 69th Way, across from the Shell gas station in Historic Miramar.

“Some folks can’t, like for example, if you’re a senior, you can’t go to a point of distribution, and we see that as an area where we can fill the gap,” Messam said. “We want to make sure we’re as nimble and as accessible as possible for our community.” 

Miramar residents were grateful for the efforts to take care of those in need during this time.

“It is not normal yet, especially in my neighborhood, because everybody around us has lights on. We are not normal,” Christina Bryant said. 

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Boil water alert lifted for Broward County

A boil water alert has been lifted in Broward County.

Broward County’s Water and Wastewater Services customers had been instructed to boil their water after Hurricane Irma disrupted services.

County officials said Thursday that the water is safe to drink again.

The order impacts portions of Hollywood, Pembroke Park, Miramar, West Park and Dania Beach.

Hollywood lifted its boil water alert earlier in the day.

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