Miami Beach police making fewer arrests this Memorial Day weekend

Under the watchful eye of the Miami Beach police, the  Memorial Day weekend entered its “hump day” Sunday.

In the air is a reminder of what this weekend is all about: the National Salute to America’s Heroes Air & Sea Show.

On the streets, crowds have remained under control but things haven’t gone without a hitch.

Miami Beach police are investigating a shooting that took place at about 6 p.m. Saturday on Collins Avenue and Sixth Street.

Police have arrested Dontavious Johnson, 25, as a suspect in the shooting. 

Officers believe the victim fled after the shooting.

Overall, Miami Beach police have made roughly half the number of arrests they did  last year. They attribute the  lower number to the heavy police presence out on the beach.

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Police officers investigate shooting in Miami Beach

Detectives were investigating a shooting Saturday afternoon in Miami Beach. 

Police officers were called to Collins Avenue and Sixth Street, according to the Miami Beach Police Department. Four men were taken into custody.

A witness watching from a second story window said he heard a group of men arguing, then gunshots.

Officers were searching for a victim they believed fled the scene of the shooting.

“There was blood located nearby, which leads us to believe that there maybe a potential victim or subject, but that person left the scene,” said Ernesto Rodriguez, of the Miami Beach Police Department.

Some of the stores in the area, a few blocks away from Ocean Drive, include Zara, Tommy Hilfiger, Club Monaco and True Religion. Memorial Day weekend is busy in South Beach.

While the U.S. military participated in the new Air & Sea Show on the beach, authorities were on high alert for tourists who show up to party. Urban Beach Week’s hip-hop and gangster rap events were also ongoing this week. 

To deal with the crowds and traffic jams Saturday, authorities limited access to Collins Avenue to northbound traffic. After the shooting, police officers blocked access to Collins Avenue between Fifth and Seventh streets.

Groups of people waited hours to get to their vehicles parked within the crime scene.

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Several people robbed at gunpoint on beach behind Fontainebleau

Several people were robbed at gunpoint Saturday night as they hung out on the beach directly behind the Fontainebleau, police said.

The Miami Beach Police Department said the group was at the beach shortly before midnight when two men between the ages of 20 and 30 approached them with guns.

One of the men said, “This is a robbery — give us your phones,” while pointing his gun at the victims, police said.

Two of the victims gave their belongings to the thieves, police said, while two others dropped their phones while running for safety. One of the victims also had her wallet stolen.

Police said one of the victims was able to get away, hide under a boardwalk and call 911.

Police said two of the victims in the robbery were juveniles.

Police said one of the thieves was wearing a white hooded sweatshirt that said “Thrasher” on the front and dark pants. The other was wearing a dark-colored hooded sweatshirt, with possible gray striping down the sleeves, and dark long pants.

Police said both men had their hoods pulled down, covering the majority of their faces.

Anyone with information about the robbery can call local law enforcement.

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