Florida Democratic Party Chairman Stephen Bittel resigns after sexual comments

The Florida Democratic Party chairman is resigning after a report that he makes women feel uncomfortable.

Stephen Bittel released a brief statement on the party’s Twitter account Friday shortly after four of his party’s candidates for governor called for him to step down.

Bittel apologized and said he didn’t want his personal situation to be distraction ahead of next year’s elections.

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, former Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine, former U.S. Rep. Gwen Graham and businessman Chris King all issued statements demanding Bittel leave the post he’s held since January.

It was a response to a Politico report quoting anonymous women saying that Bittel would leer at them, make comments about their appearances or breasts and exhibit other behavior that made them uncomfortable. He also had a breast-shaped stress ball in his office.

None of the women said he groped or assaulted them.


— Florida Democrats (@FlaDems) November 17, 2017

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Father leaves 2 sons alone in car while inside strip club

Willie Lee Jordan, Jr. admitted to leaving his 3-month-old baby boy and 3-year-old boy alone in the car while he went to a strip club, according to the Fort Myers Police Department. 

The Florida Department of Children and Families was investigating Jordan, 23, who is facing two counts of child neglect in Lee County. 

Christopher Mays, the general manager of Scarlett’s Cabaret, a strip club in Fort Myers, thought he had seen it all until last week. He told Wink News a security guard heard the children crying, and when they approached the car there was a baby upside down on his car seat. 

“His head is where his feet should be, butt up in the air,” Mays said.

Mays stopped the dancers to announce that they were searching for the father. Investigators learned Jordan had been inside the strip club for about 20 minutes without checking on his boys. 

The toddler was able to unlock the door of the car about 11 p.m., before Jordan showed up and Fort Myers Police Department officers arrested him Nov. 9. He was released Friday on a $10,000 bond.

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Zero Florida cities on Top 100 places to raise kids in the U.S. list

Have they changed the famous saying to, Florida’s a great place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to raise children there?

Don’t shoot the messenger, but apparently there are a lot better places to raise your kids than the Sunshine State.

In the new “Best Cities to Raise Kids in the U.S.” list, not a single Florida city made the Top 100.

Not even Christmas, Florida, which sounds like a truly magical place to live.

Alarms.org used factors such as graduation rates, crime rates, health insurance coverage and median income to determine their rankings.

According to the organization, the rankings show the Top 100 cities that “have the right blend of qualities that allow children to fulfill their potential.”

California can do no wrong with 47 cities on the list, while six Texas cities are among the top 100. Even Iowa and Rhode Island placed a city.

Rhode Island!

So please sit down with your children and apologize for raising them in a wonderful, anything-can-happen state like Florida.

Top 10 Cities to Raise Kids in the U.S.

  1. San Ramon, California
  2. Newton, Massachusetts
  3. Newport Beach, California
  4. Pleasanton, California
  5. Flower Mountain, Texas
  6. Livermore, California
  7. Davis, California
  8. Cambridge, Massachusetts
  9. Yorba Linda, California
  10. Boulder, Colorado


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New video shows pile of dead cows at dairy farm accused of abuse

The Animal Recovery Mission released new video Thursday showing a pile of dead cows that it claims came from a Florida dairy farm in the same town where another farm was recently accused of inhumane treatment.

ARM investigators are expected to speak more about their undercover investigation at Burnham Dairy Farm during a news conference in Deerfield Beach. The farm is located in Okeechobee, where another farm was recently exposed by ARM.

Publix announced last week that it has suspended raw milk deliveries from Larson Dairy Farm after ARM released video showing workers kicking and beating the cows.

The most recent video shows a worker force-feeding seemingly malnourished cows and calves. It also shows the cows being kept in flooded cages. One of the wet, newborn calves can be seen shivering in the cold air.

ARM investigators said the milking barns’ walls and equipment are covered in feces, and many of the calves are kept in enclosures with dead cows.

***WARNING: Video shows graphic footage that some may find disturbing***

Operation Burnham Dairy from ARM Investigations on Vimeo.

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