South Florida deli ordered shut for second time due to rodent issue

State records show that it happened again.

Strathmore Bagels and Deli was ordered shut for the second time in two weeks on July 5.

Records show an Inspector found rodent issues both times.

Rodent and roach issues were also found at Seafood Express located at the Lauderhill Mall.

Records show inspectors have been to Seafood Express six times this year and nine times in 2016.

The kitchen at Don Burrito on Sunset Drive was also ordered shut last week after a roach issue was discovered.

Below is a list of places that were ordered shut and some of their violations. All the places mentioned were allowed to reopen following an ordered cleanup and re-inspection.

***Strathmore Bagels and Deli

10020 W. Oakland Park Blvd.


Ordered shut July 5

8 violations found

Also ordered shut June 20

“Rodent activity present as evidenced by 8 fresh rodent droppings found under dishwashing machine, 6 fresh rodent droppings found in kitchen under food preparation table, 3 dry rodent dropping found in dry storage room, 3 fresh rodent droppings found in dry storage room and 1 fresh dropping found under 3 compartment sink.”

“Roach activity present as evidenced by 1 live roaches found under 3 compartment sink.”

“Hand wash sink not accessible for employee use due to items stored in the sink. Observed a wiping cloth stored in wash hand sink in kitchen area.”

***Don Burrito

10855 SW 72nd St.


Ordered shut July 13

10 violations found

“Roach activity present as evidenced by approximately 30 plus live roaches found. (Approximately 20 plus live roaches found inside and around cases of canned soda on a metal rack in the kitchen). (Approximately 10 plus live roaches found between a cracked baseboard tile/wall on the floor next to a reach in cooler make table in the kitchen).”

“Employee with no hair restraint while engaging in food preparation. Dish area employee no hair net worn.”

***Seafood Express Garlic Crabhouse

Lauderhill Mall

4269 NW 12th St.


Inspection based on complaint

19 violations found

Also ordered shut May 25, 2016

“Rodent activity present as evidenced by rodent droppings found. Observed approximately 80 fresh droppings under the shelves of the dry storage area.”

“Roach activity present as evidenced by live roaches found. 10 live roaches behind the reach in freezer in the dry storage area, 4 live roaches under the shelf of the dry storage area, 5 live roaches behind the Frigidaire reach in cooler in the hallway, observed 10 live roaches under the prep table in the kitchen area by the Frigidaire reach in cooler, 3 live roaches behind the Frigidaire reach in cooler at front counter.”

“Sewage/wastewater backing up through floor drains in the kitchen.”

“Equipment in poor repair. Observed Raw salmon 47°, raw tilapia 47°, raw grouper 47°, raw tuna 48° cold hold in the Frigidaire reach in cooler in Cookline.”

“Food manager certification expired.”

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Domino’s Pizza apologizes after employee’s behavior during Dirty Dining confrontation

Domino’s Pizza is apologizing for an employee’s behavior after a Dirty Dining confrontation at a Coral Springs store.

The store had been ordered shut by a state inspector last week because of unsanitary conditions.

When Local 10 investigative reporter Jeff Weinsier asked questions about a reported fly issue the employee asked him to leave. 

“There is no one here to speak to you, do you mind leaving please?”  the employee said.

“Sure,” Weinsier said, who then left as requested.

“We don’t appreciate people who make false reports,” the employee said.

“False reports,” Weinsier said. “It’s public record. What’s false about it.”

The employee wasn’t done yet.

He met Weinsier outside the store with a camera.

“Do you think that is the way a Domino’s employee should act?”  Weinsier said. 

“Do you think this is the way you should act,” the employee said.

“We do a segment called Dirty Dining, you were shut down because you had flies,” Weinsier said.

The employee then went inside the store at 11339 West Atlantic Blvd. and locked the doors.

An inspector went to the store last week because someone complained to the state.

The inspector found nine violations.

The kitchen was ordered shut after 200-plus flies were found.

As for the employee – he came back outside the store a second time after his initial encounter with  Weinsier.

“Can you guys leave though?” the employee said.

“No,” Weinsier said. “You asked us to leave your store, and we left your store. But we wanted to ask why you had 200 plus flies around.”

“That’s a false report,” the employee said.

“What about the fly issue,” Weinsier said. “You said it was a false report, what was false about it.”

“How come you wear glasses,” the employee said.

“How come I wear glasses,” Weinsier said.

“Yes, why do you wear glasses,” the employee said.

“I can’t see,” Weinsier said.

“Well what happened? What’s wrong with your eyesight? ” the employee said.

“You were ordered shut last week based on a state inspection. It’s public record, because there were flies flying around,” Weinsier said.  

“Never heard of that,” the employee said.

“You said it was a false report though,” Weinsier said.

“That’s because I never heard of it so it has to be false,” the employee said.

Local 10 News checked with the state and the report is 100 accurate.

As far as this employees conduct?

Domino’s  Pizza corporate office issues this statement: “We can assure you that this is not what we would expect, nor endorse, and we apologize for that.”

The statement went on to address the state inspection.

“We take food safety, quality and sanitation very seriously and the issue at this store has been addressed. The core of the problem stemmed from a building issue that the landlord was not prompt to repair.”

 A sign on the door confirms the store closed early one day due to construction issues.

 As far as this employee goes, corporate said they were planning on having a chat with him.

 The Domino’s Pizza location was allowed to re-open following an ordered cleanup and re-inspection.


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Restaurant owners, managers try to minimize kitchen violations

Restaurant owners and managers tried to minimize the problems found inside their restaurant kitchens during recent state inspections.

At Latin Café in Miami Beach a manager told Local 10 News that two roaches had come in from a case of oranges.

“So they only found two in the whole restaurant?” Local 10 News reporter Jeff Weinsier said.

“Yes,” the manager said.

 The restaurant is located at 441 W. 41st St. in Miami Beach and last week an inspector showed up based on a complaint.

In total, 29 violations were found, including 50-plus dead roaches throughout the kitchen area. There were also live roaches found near a food prep area.

“Was in here?” the manager said.

“Yes,” Weinsier said.

“No,” the manager said. “I think this is the other location.”

“This report isn’t right?” Weinsier said.

“No,” the manager said. 

At China Steak House, at 8565 Coral Way, roaches were also found by an inspector. 

“Why are you guys filming?” an employee said when he noticed Weinsier at the restaurant. 

“We are filming because you guys were shut last week for roaches,” Weinsier said.

“Was it?” the employee said.

“Was it? You’re asking me if it was?” Weinsier said. 

“The main issue is because there was a leak. Gas leak or something,” the employee said.

“Really that was the main issue?” Weinsier said. “I can tell you the main issue was roaches crawling around.”

There were 40 violations found at the location.

The inspector noted dead roaches in the restaurant. In addition, roaches were found on top of a sink with clean pots and pans, next to a dish machine and in gaps on the walls. 

At Pizza Stop at 8275 Pine Island Road in Tamarac an inspector ordered the kitchen shut after 16 violations were found. 

Live roaches were found by a pizza station, according to the inspection. 

“You had a roach issue?” Weinsier said. 

Yeah, they found two,” an employee said.

“Two? No they found more than two,” Weinsier said. 

“We clean everywhere,” the employee said. 

“Had the inspector not come and brought it to your attention, you wouldn’t have noticed it?” Weinsier said.

“Yes, we were working on it with Orkin,” the employee said. 

 All the places ordered shut were allowed to re-open following an ordered cleanup and re-inspection.


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Restaurant employee busted scratching open wound while preparing food

State inspectors found an employee at The Field Irish Pub & Eatery scratching an open wound and preparing food, records stated.

Inspectors showed up at The Field, at 3281 Griffin Road in Dania Beach, based on a complaint.

An inspector with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation noted 42 violations.

The Florida Department of Health also opened and conducted a food borne illness investigation based on that complaint.

Donna Richards said she and three others recently ate at the restaurant and got sick.

“Three of us got food poisoning. We all ate different things, but the three of us had beef,” Richards said. “I had the prime rib, one had the shepherd’s pie and the other had the meat loaf. (I) called the manager and he blew me off and was a bit rude. My friend also called and got the same reaction. So we called the health department.” 

The Broward County Health Department conducted a food borne illness investigation and provided Local 10 News with reports.

The Field was not ordered shut, but was re-inspected by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. 

Below is a list of some of the violations found.

***The Field Irish Pub & Eatery 

3281 Griffin Road

Dania Beach

Inspection based on complaint

Inspection date: June 23

42 violations found

“Employee with infected sore/cut/burn/wound on hand or wrist without two layers of impermeable protection on the wound is handling food, clean equipment or utensils, or unwrapped single-service items. Prep lady with healing wound on forehand not covered, employee scratching wound and using arm to roll sausage roll dough.”

“Bare hand contact with ready-to-eat food while the establishment is under a food borne illness investigation. Cook touching ready to eat foods to plate, bagging cooked meat loaf, was told then washed.”

“Potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for safety) food cooked/heated yesterday/on a previous day not cooled from 135 degrees Fahrenheit to 41 degrees Fahrenheit within a total of 6 hours. Food has been cooling overnight. See stop sale. 1)Bagged chicken wings 50°, 2) Walk-in, cooked meat loaf sliced 46°, 3)cooked prime rib 49°, 4)Sheppard pie ground beef cooked 50°, 5) Sheppard pie in casserole dish 49°-47°. Stop sale. **Repeat Violation**.”

“Stop Sale issued on potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for safety) food due to temperature abuse. Walk-in, cooked meatloaf sliced 46°, cooked prime rib 49°. Sheppard pie ground beef cooked 50°, in casserole dish 49°-47°, bagged chicken wings. **Repeat Violation**.”

“potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for safety) foods in walk-in cooler cold held at greater than 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Walk-in, cooked meatloaf sliced 46°, cooked prime rib 49°. Sheppard pie ground beef cooked 50°, in casserole dish 49°-47°, bagged chicken wings 50° overnight in Walk-in cooler.”

Dead roaches on premises. 1)1 dead roach is n shelf over mixer, cleaned area, 2) dry storage area, next to soda boxes, cleaned, Corrected On-Site**3) 1 under booth in back Nautical dining room, roaches cleaned up and area sanitized, . **Corrected On-Site**

“Soda gun soiled. Bar. **Repeat Violation**”

“Soil residue in food storage containers, dry seasonings, stacked touching seasonings underneath it.”

“Accumulation of RUST around soda lines in back room wait station, next to kitchen, in ice holder.”

“Encrusted material on can opener blade. Rusty **Repeat Violation**.”

“Interior of microwave soiled with encrusted food debris.”

“Live, small flying insects in kitchen, food preparation area, or food storage area. Fruit flies in corner next to mixer and outside bar.”

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Kitchen in South Florida assisted living facility ordered shut

The kitchen in one of South Florida’s largest assisted living facilities was ordered shut after 28 violations were found last week.

Ward Towers is part of Miami-Dade County public housing. The facility is at 5301 NW 23rd Ave. There are two buildings with a total of 300 units. All the residents are elderly and low-income.

The kitchen services at Ward Towers are contracted out to Independent Living Systems.

Last week, an inspector found live roaches behind cooking equipment in the kitchen and more than 100 dead roaches behind cooking equipment. There were hand-washing issues and a stop sale was issued on rice pudding and tuna due to temperature abuse.

Nestor Plana, chairman and CEO of Independent Living Systems, said he was embarrassed about what happened and told Local 10 News that people will lose their jobs because of it.

Plana said the situation is being taken seriously, and exterminators come once a week. He invited Local 10 News to come back once a problem with the roof has been fixed by the county.

Local 10 News then moved north to Sunrise.

Strathmore Bagels & Deli is east of Sunrise City Hall on West Oakland Park Boulevard. Among the 20 violations found there last week were rodent issues in the kitchen.

Before Local 10 News reporter Jeff Weinsier could ask about the rodent issue, a manager at the deli said that they’ve since repaired a broken cooler in the kitchen.

“Anything else that you want to know?” she asked Weinsier.

“Yeah, I want to know why you had a rodent issue,” Weinsier said.

She said it was because the dishwasher “was old.”

At China Lake, located at 1560 NE 165th St., the kitchen there was ordered shut last week.

The 16 violations found by an inspector included live roaches on a shelf and on a prep table, and rodent droppings in a storage room.

“Is the kitchen clean?” Weinsier asked. 

“Yeah,” an employee said. 

“Can we look?” Weinsier asked. “Can we come in with the camera and look?”

“No, you can’t do that,” the employee said. 

All the places mentioned were allowed to reopen following an ordered cleanup and re-inspection.

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3 past offenders ordered shut after state inspection

The owner of Taj Fine Indian Cuisine wouldn’t come out when Local 10 News approached him about his restaurant being ordered shut down again.

But the Local 10 News camera did catch him through a kitchen window.

“I see the boss right there,” Local 10 News reporter Jeff Weinsier said.

“He said he can’t come out,” an employee said.

“He can’t come out?” Weinsier said.

“No,” the employee said.

“Why not?” Weinsier.

“I don’t know,” the employee said.

Local 10 News was at the restaurant about two years ago when inspectors found rodent issues.

Last week, 26 violations were found after an inspection.

Roaches were found in several spots throughout the kitchen, including by a rice cooker and inside a container of pigeon peas.

A stop sale was ordered on chicken that was out of temperature. Old food was stuck to a clean dishwasher.

 An employee touched his face and then touched a cutting board without washing his hands. Walls were soiled with black debris and grease.

Since the manager was busy the first time Local 10 News went to the restaurant, Weinsier went back the next day.

“You should come sometime later,” an employee said.

“Later? This is my second time here,” Weinsier said. 

In Cooper City at Classic Deli on Flamingo Road, just north of Stirling Road, the state’s orange sticker has been up for 10 days.

Inspectors were there on June 12 based on a complaint.

Among the 24 violations found were roaches throughout the kitchen, at a wait station and in the dining room. Oatmeal and grits were also kept out of temperature.

Local 10 News went to the restaurant several times for comment, but no one was there to answer questions.

There was a note on the door that said, “We apologize but due to the construction and rain we have developed a bug issue. We have hired a great company to help with the issue.”

The original Latin America Restaurant located on Coral Way in Miami was also ordered shut.

“Is there a manager?” Weinsier said.

“No,” an employee said.

No one at the location would talk to Weinsier about the 46 violations found there last week.

The inspector wrote that an “extreme amount of flies all around the kitchen” were found at the location.  

Rodent droppings were found in a prep area and next to rice bags.

Roaches were found inside an oven in the cookline area.

A stop sale was ordered on black beans that were out of temperature. There was a mold-like substance in the ice machine and on soda dispensing nozzles.

Latin American and Taj  Fine Indian Cuisine were allowed to re-open following an ordered cleanup and re-inspection.

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