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Michael Hess, the man that Hasbara trolls love to hate.

Michael Hess, the man that Hasbara trolls love to hate.

BBSNews started in 1990. We started out as Bulletin Board System News, which is where the name came from; BBSNews. And of course over the years BBSNews morphed into much more than that, what some used to call “alternative news”. A full featured news site that covered politics and world affairs and science and technology and weather and all the things you would associate with a news site.

I am still writing today about Palestine, Politics, and Space and I am curating news for this site from various alternative news sources from around the world through syndication. BBSNews is based on the WordPress CMS framework and I am using a heavily modified theme called Tempera.

We are currently carrying original news and analysis, the Palestine Chronicle, International Middle East Media Center (IMEMC), Haaretz, Integrated Regional Information Networks (IRIN), The Jewish Daily Forward, Atheist Alliance International, NASA, Challenge Magazine and other sources. The Weather page is based on various official U.S. sources and Weather for US.

I removed syndicated news from the American Task Force on Palestine (ATFP) after I learned, late to my sad admission, that Rashid Khalidi is no longer involved because ATFP has taken a decidedly pro-colonialism approach and that is fatal to the peace process, such that it is.

It is my goal to provide the latest news about religion, politics, foreign policy and the seemingly intractable Israeli-Palestinian conflict (it is solvable with the Arab Peace Initiative). I pull together these stories from a wide variety of sources that span a wide range of viewpoints to make it easier for those who are really interested in what is going on in Palestine to learn about the issues in one place, here at BBSNews.

I believe that there can finally be peace in the Middle East when international law is applied equally, for the very first time, to the state of Israel instead of all other states in the Middle East where the United States tends to shoot first, and ask questions later. Unless there’s oil of course; then there can be shooting and then negotiations over who gets the spoils of the oil, later.

That my friends, is the answer to ‘why do they hate us?’ We treat the Middle East as America’s gas station without much thought at all about the people who live in the region.

Until the bedrock international legal principle of ‘territory acquired by force of war is inadmissible’ is enforced against Israel, there can be no just solution or peace. People have a legal right to resist the theft of their land and resources and the killings of entire families by an occupier state, to do otherwise would have made the French Resistance illegal.

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  • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

    In the you cannot make this shit up section of today’s news, just in time for troll Eric, a chief proponent of the elusive red heifer, well here it is. Settler radio Arutz Sheva channel 7 reports:

    “In partnership with an experienced Israeli cattle rancher, The Temple Institute has decided to raise a Red Heifer, in accordance with the Biblical commandment.

    The Red Heifer was a cow brought to Temple priests as sacrifice, and its ashes were used for ritual purification of those who had come into contact with a corpse.

    A prerequisite of the Third Temple, in order for a Red Heifer to be considered kosher for use, it must be raised from birth in Israel under specific conditions and in a controlled environment.

    To raise awareness and funds for the first ever project of its kind, The Temple Institute has launched a crowd funding campaign entitled “Raise a Red Heifer in Israel” on Indiegogo.

    During antiquity, Israelites waited for the birth of a potential Red Heifer, but with a combination of Torah knowledge and advanced science, The Temple Institute believes a Red Heifer can be bred in our modern times.”

    Arutz Sheva July 12th, 2015

    I have been calling attention to this craziness for some time now. I cannot imagine the looks on the faces of the children when the ashes from the adorable red heifer is drawn across their little cherubic faces in a crazy act of child abuse. This is some sick shit. Animal sacrifice, coming to an Israel near you. Thanks troll Eric.

    • Bishadi

      It’s for the guilty conscious.

      • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

        On Indiegogo and everything. I think last year it was up to $108,000. These people do not hide what they plan, these people raid Al Aqsa quite often and cause all sorts of trouble, and Bibi coddles them like Yitzhak Shamir coddled Hamas.

        I think there is too much fire now. I don’t think Israel can be stopped. I think the big flame out is coming. Tearing down Al Aqsa, animal sacrifice. I need to make BBSNews thirteen years-old and older. Little children would not understand Israel killing the nice red cow and burning her.

    • Eli Melul

      Do you or do you not believe in the Bible? Who built the Western Wall acc. to you?
      If you believe Moses did indeed receive the Torah on Mt Sinai and thus also believe you will face Him on Judgement Day in the Afterlife and I realize that is a big if.. How will you answer for your bible-g-d cleansing beliefs? This is not a guilt trip but an actual desire to know what you believe…

  • CrusadaB

    His name is Hess…any questions?

    • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

      Yes, and your troll name is inexplicably “crusadab” which is gibberish and means nothing.

      It’s the sheer ignorance that get’s me. You obviously have never seen a fucking Israeli phone book because had you done so, you would know that there are hundreds of Hess’s throughout Israel. If you had a fucking clue, you would also know that there is even an illegal colonist who is named Hess who has been hauled in front of the Israeli High Court.

      For extra fucking credit you dumbass ninny, you would understand that there is even a famous Zionist Hess from the 1900’s who worked very hard to eventually have a Jewish state but of course he did not live to see it.

      I am quite sure he would be appalled at how it all came out. Instead of Israel being a dreamy socialist democratic Utopia, it is a state that came into being by Ethnically Cleansing another people.

      And most of all chick, you are entirely too stupid to even realize that I am on your side, I do not believe in War Crimes, or Crimes Against Humanity, or law’s that take away a women’s right to her own decisions about her body.

      In short, you reveal yourself to be a chick who supports abortion and War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity and you are too pussy chickenshit to actually post with your real name in public so your family and your boss can see what it is you actually support and the stupid shit that you say on the Internet.

      I hope that fuckin’ clears it up for ya, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

      You are too friggin’ ignorant to be able to understand the articles from the Jewish Daily Forward, or Haaretz, or anything else here that is obviously harder to read than the back of the toothbrush box in your mother’s house.

      • CrusadaB

        I was thinking you were German…and my aren’t you a hostile little person. I checked out your website. Pretty racist. Good luck in your miserable basement.

        • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

          There is not whiff of racism here you lying bitch. I get so sick and tired of lying little bitches posting with fake names. I post with my real name, you can contact me (obviously) you can call me on the phone. And most of all, did I tell you? I hate lying bitches.

          You brought up my last name because you were trying to make a vile reference. I am no relation to the vile monster you have tried to align me with. Get that through your heads bitches. My peeps have been here since dirt, and on the German side since the 1800’s you lying bitch.

          I post with my real name and have actually been threatened, have had death treats against my family in two states, and notified the authorities and have had people investigated, all for being in favor of the rule of law and UN resolutions. Threats by lying bitches all.

          As an American Indian, I am very interested in the fact that the Palestinians are being rousted, illegally, from their land as was done here long before there was a Hague Convention, a UN Charter, or the Geneva Conventions.

          Before you spout off complete bullshit, get your facts straight. There is no racism on BBSNews and there never ever has been in more than twenty-five years of operation you lying bitch.

          Unlike you lying bitches, I do not make death threats against people who support the Ethnic Cleansing of indigenous people from their homeland.

          But obviously you do. And you are a lying bitch. Now like I said, don’t let the door flap on your ass on the way out. You betcha I’m hostile to lying bitches making false allegations. I have been nice for the last twenty-five years, no more.

          The lying REAL racism and ignorance in this country engendered by lying racist GOP tea bagger freaks is a serious problem. Now run off and tie your little tea bag to your hat and sling your automatic weapon across your shoulders and I will no doubt see you on CNN with an ignorant racist sign against President Obama.

          I get so sick of you freak fucking liars.

          • CrusadaB

            I am a Native American from Oklahoma. Please quit calling me names. It takes away from your argument. I support Israel’s right to exist. I believe in the Constitution of the United States. I support a woman’s right to choose but nothing past 12 weeks. She should know by then. I support your First Amendment right. I live and work in a very integrated neighborhood. I have never flown another flag other than the U.S. one. I am an American. No hyphens.

          • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

            Then you should know better.

            “His name is Hess…any questions?”

            What does that say to you? You clearly called me a Nazi. Consider this, how many white folks have you heard say things like your chief does not look Indian, he is just a liar? And what kind of Indian name is John Baker? Or our chief Michell Hicks? Wingnuts make assumptions based on names all the time and that is what you did here.

            The bigots expect us to have the name of tonto or some other Indian sounding name like He who Walks With Water or some other romantic bullshit.

            You went right into using my surname to make slurs against me without simply asking. You made a very wrong assumption, without even looking, based on what are clearly trolls on our contact page. I leave them up because they are so freaking stupid.

            Now to Israel. No state on this entire planet has a “right” to exist. A state must satisfy various requirements and I won’t go into the Monte Video requirements here. We can solve this, just tell me the name of any other state that demands a recognition of a “right” to exist. That demand rests on pure paranoia, because Israel got its state by terrorism that they passed on to Al Qaeda.

            Go to the library and grab Bruce Hoffman’s new book called Anonymous Soldiers: The Struggle for Israel 1917-1947 [Knopf 2015]. Or anything by the New Israel Historians like the former editor in chief of Haaretz, Tom Segev, “1967.” Even Benny Morris, or Ilan Pappe, the historical facts are also available at the Truman Presidential Library.

            There is a very easily found progression of the inception of the state of Israel starting with Theodor Herzl but the idea really did not take off until the Balfour Declaration. But perhaps you should bear in mind, the British has no right to give away Palestine in the first place.

            And the United Nations did not have a right to give part of Palestine to Israel under UNGA 181, the UN has no such power.

            But most of all, the state of Israel has no right to steal the rest of Palestine. Israelis use thirteen times more water than native Palestinians. Gaza will be out of fresh water by 2020. Will the vile siege and occupation of Palestine even be ended by then?

            Do you even care about children dying next to the ocean but having no water because a violent occupier has killed every seed a native Palestinian has planted and illegal colonists stole their water and emptied their aquifer? I am quite sure you would not be happy if Israel depleted Ogallala aquifer?

            And where’s the examples of “racism?” You can find none because there has never been a racist word published by our staff or me on this Web site for the last twenty-five years of operation.

            Given my family, that includes not only Jews and American Indians but African Americans, Haitians and; that’s enough sharing. So you fully expect me to publish racist bullshit against my own family?

            What are you fuckin’ nuts? And yeah, the beauty of being the editor and owner here is that I can be quite frank, I cannot be censored here like right wing wingnut sites show actually do carry racist articles every single day. If you want a racist site, try Breitbart or Daily Caller.

            I do not allow and never have allowed even a whisper of racism here and if you see it in the comments somewhere that I miss, feel free to contact me. But fix that problem of making assumptions from a surname or appearance. Jesus you should know better.

          • CrusadaB

            Sorry. Israel is surrounded by Arabs. That is why they keep on wanting to be acknowledged. And didn’t they give back part of Gaza? didn’t they give the Palestinians a thriving flower industry in that part of Gaza? And didn’t the Palestinians destroy that business? I care about the children there and if the parents of these children would quit their hatred towards Israel, there could be peace. Don’t they spend all the money that America sends them on tunnels and weapons to take out Israel? Sorry about the assumptions before. I should know better. And you could be nicer too.

          • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

            I am very nice when not being called a natsi by an anonymous troll. You could be more knowledgeable and logical.

            For instance, if Oklahoma City was overrun by violent thugs who killed thousands and forced hundreds of thousands out of their homes to build upon the ashes. Should Oklahomans give the violent military occupier that just stole their territory and killed their families, flowers? Perhaps candy?

            Sometimes I am just appalled at the lack of logic by so many in this conflict.

            Israel was created in Palestine. There were Palestinians there. Palestinians that have been there at least since 70 AD, the time the last temple was destroyed. Palestinians who made clear since the ‘teens during the last century, that they did not want a foreign entity foisted upon them against their will.

            But the Yishuv, that the Jewish community in Palestine, decided to mount terrorist groups to agitate for statehood and drive out Palestinians and the British alike. (I beg you to read a book on the subject, I get very tired of repeating history that anyone can read for themselves, indeed, go to the online Truman Presidential Library and read the Israel source documents.)

            At it’s height, the British estimated that there were more than five thousand terrorists that were led by Menachem Begin for the Irgun and other from the Stern Gang to LEHI. You might look up who assassinated Lord Moyne and who he was, and why it was important. Israel was created out of pure terror that was so successful, Al Qaeda had Begin’s book, The Revolt, and other Jewish terrorist literature in their well-stocked library discovered by US Marines in Afghanistan after 9/11.

            In short, Al Qaeda learned their tactics from the Irgun and Stern and LEHI, the Palmach, the Haganah.

            When you don’t even know the factual history of how Israel was created, then you really should not be commenting on it.

            The Irgun did things like pack milk cans with explosives, and NAILS, to maximize harm to civilians, and then, detonated secondary devices against the first-responders. Sound familiar?

            The Irgun liked coordinated multi-city bombings all going off at the same time for maximum terrorist effect, sound familiar?

            The Irgun liked IED’s to blow up British tanks and jeeps and anything else they didn’t like. Sound familiar?

            Al Qaeda and others, including some Latin American oldies but not-so-goodies, learned the techniques that they used from the Irgun, the largest and deadliest Jewish terrorist group in pre-Israel, in Palestine.

            I urge you to stop calling people natsis, it really pisses people off. And I urge you to go to a public library and read some textbooks about the subject because everything you have told me thus far shows me that you have no Earthly idea about the facts of this conflict, and why it started, and why the Palestinians should not be blamed for resisting an illegal invader who killed their families and stole their land and Ethically Cleansed more than 750,000 innocent Palestinians from their homes.

            First of all, under international law it is perfectly valid and legal for them to resist the illegal occupation. And second of all, if the same thing was happening to you and your peeps you would do the same thing.

            I know this because I would and we did, when we were faced with it hundreds of years before there was international law, Geneva Conventions, and UN resolutions.

          • Bishadi

            Lady, in israel many people have bomb shelters for safety. Did you ever even once consider that the tunnels are for survival?
            What you have done is parrot the oppressors rendition versus the logic and comprehension that the majority in gaza are women and children. Most of the kids are under 17 yrs old.
            When you begin to have empathy for human lives, then you will see the oppression and apartheid for what it is.

          • CrusadaB

            Mr., stop Hamas from hiding themselves within communities of women and children.

          • Bishadi

            Gaza is one of the most densely population areas of the world. And now that the city is destroyed, there is little choice. The demographics represent that the majority of people are women and children.


            The apartheid and oppression has enabled israel to retain the concentration camp gaza and just bomb the heck out of civilians.

            Now if gaza, had tanks, S300 missile defense, an airport with bombers, nukes and satellites lasers, then I could see asking the hams to stop being so offensive, but gaza has manure filled plumbing pipes, as rockets and many of them do not even make it over the fences.


            When you watch the phosphorus shelling of gaza (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbLUUo3EYOk ), then you can see that was not a school, not a mosque, not even a UN building is targeted. Them people are all unarmed civilians having their flesh melted by the apartheid regime called israel….
            And people like you are defending them monsters!
            it is so sad, I often wonder how and why people are so obtuse.

          • CrusadaB

            Why can’t Hamas just let Israel be? Because they want to drive them into the sea. Gimme a break.

          • Bishadi

            That is perhaps the song but the reality is, people just want to survive. No one wakes up with horns on their head.

          • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

            Sometimes some of the things you write make me think you are insane. The Palestinians have no army, no air force, no navy, no helicopters, no F-16’s, no tanks, no defense at all against one of the most weaponized and ruthless people ever known, and then you have the balls to claim that “Hamas won’t let Israel be.”

            That’s fucking ludicrous. The state of Israel has the Gaza Strip under siege akin to the god damned nazi’s back during the Warsaw Ghetto. The nazi wannabees are actually counting calories for Gazans, just like the god damned nazis did.

            It’s fucking disgusting and I’ve had enough of it. I’ve run this place for twenty-five years and I have tried to remain objective but with every word I read from you Hasbara trolls, and every word I read from the various New Israel Historians who have laid bare the true history of Israel, I am only worried about one thing now.

            And that is the Jews in my family and other Jews that I care deeply about are going to be in real danger in the next five years because of you vile Hasbara trolls. How many shekels do you get paid to sell out the world’s Jews CB? Is it worth it?

            You are not working towards a solution based on the rule of law and UN resolutions. You folks have got it boiled down to whether Israel is going to go boom or not. There is no hope for peace with you vile people so filled with hate that you cannot not even condemn Israel’s murder of those kids on the beach. They exonerated themselves when the perps of that atrocity should be publicly incinerated.

            Set afire like human torches. As a lesson to others that would kill innocent children on a beach. And while they are at it, the freaks that shot the Palestinian kids in the feet. one of them SEVEN fucking times, they should be human torches as well and it should be on world prime time TV like fireworks. And the first batch of IDF criminals who killed the other batch of Gaza kids on the beach a few years ago, I want them burned alive as well. I want to hear them beg for mercy, the mercy that those poor children did not get from the nazi IDF bastards who purposely targeted those innocent children. I want those soldiers families forced to sit in the front row and watch their little soldiers get burned alive like the kid they burned alive before the Gaza War last Summer.

            I want the world to hear their screams of Never Again! I promise, Israel won’t kill innocent children again!

            But no, that’s not gonna happen. What I am deathly afraid will happen, is that American Jews are going to be targeted for supporting the vile terror state of Israel even when they don’t and most don’t, ask that vile Michael Oren traitor bastard. I am hopeful that President Obama has some sort of a plan other than giving these freaks more weapons and munitions so the Israelis can kill more kids in our name.

            I want to see justice and I want to see trolls like you so hated by everyone on the planet and hounded until you freak Hasbara trolls disappear forever. I get so sick of warmongering freaks like you who enjoy dead children. Justice is coming though. The ICC will likely not indict Israeli officials on War Crimes, even the most heinous ones.

            But they will successfully bring that trashy little nation to its collective knees over the illegal colonies. The ICC cannot overlook Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention. It’s incorporated in the Rome Statute.

            Justice is coming. I just hope it gets here before the pogroms start, because they are going to start, and CB, trolls just like you will be the ones who instigated them.

          • CrusadaB

            You’re sick and need help

          • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

            Quite the contrary. The evidence is blindingly clear. Anyone who supports the terror state of Israel while they keep committing Crimes Against Humanity are the sick ones CB.

            Why do you support the murder of little kids? I mean, that is completely sick. It’s clearly murder, this stuff has been documented for decades now. It is impossible to deny.

            I see the writing on the wall. It’s just like those racist assholes who burn down black churches and massacre black folks in their churches. You can bet that those assholes have never read a book. You can bet that they have no education and are just filled up with racist terrorist propaganda, just like you CB.

            You believe Zionist terror Hasbara propaganda. You refuse to look at the videos, the photos, the reams and reams of documented crimes by the Israelis and instead claim that I am “sick.”

            And yet I can spend days providing you with irrefutable documents, studies and reports that the terror state of Israel is the instigator and the root problem standing in the way of peace in the Middle East.

            There would be no Islamic State without Israel. The Western world let right wing nuts influence the debate and the politics and keep Israel from justice so we get planes flown into buildings.

            Ignorant people like you terrify me. You conflate being Jewish with the support of Crimes Against Humanity. That is a direct danger to those that I care about. And I will work against people like you until my dying day.

            Most American Jews do not support War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity being done in their name. I know this for a fact.

            Why do you support illegal land and resource theft and the IDF’s use of children as individual Human Shields to protect grown soldiers? That is truly sick CB. I am on record many times as wanting to see any terrorist put in prison for the rest of their miserable lives.

            In your world, that is only Muslims. In my world, it is ANYONE who commits terrorist acts against a captive population and that includes the Israelis in full. The surveys within Israel are very clear, except for the Gideon Levy’s and the Amira Haas’, most Israelis support terror against the Palestinians.

            The West should revisit the stupid idea of creating a theocratic state where people already lived against their will. It would be like the UN getting together and giving New Jersey to the Sudanese because they have been horribly wronged. In fact, that’s not a bad idea. Then Americans can get a taste of what it’s like to be a Palestinian.

            To have your land stripped from you, your people Ethnically Cleansed, many of your family members killed and maimed, and then new towns built upon the ashes and named something else than what they were.

            Like the more than 450 Palestinians villages and towns that were destroyed by the terrorist Zionists. Oh wait! You’re an Indian, how come you side with the colonial terror powers? Yeah we got an apology and casinos but the Palestinians are still under the jackboot of the nazi IDF.

            That won’t last forever. Pope Francis pressed his head to the Apartheid Wall and now there is a treaty between the Vatican and the state of Palestine. 138 nations and the Vatican recognize the state of Palestine and Israel is going to get out of it. Even if it takes a UN Chapter Seven resolution.

            Time’s up, it’s time for the world to kick Israel out of Palestine and put US peacekeepers on the border to protect the Palestinians from the IDF that we created. It’s our responsibility, and President Truman told David Ben-Gurion in 1949, it’s US policy that the Palestinians get a fair deal.

            It’s been a long time coming, but it is on the way now. I can see the headlight coming down the tracks. [Cue train whistle and Johnny Cash.]

          • CrusadaB

            You are so witty.

          • CrusadaB

            And I won’t watch your propaganda.

          • Bishadi

            “mankind is defining itself”.
            It is rather just ‘basic common sense’ if you think about it.

          • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

            Yeah, you are too good to watch what the IDF does in your name. You will one day have your face rubbed in it, or you will hide your face in shame terrified that your family and your boss will see the kind of vileness that you support. I have friends and colleagues who report live from Gaza sweetie. You cannot hide it from the world, only from your lying eyes.

            It is sick that you support the murders of hundreds of innocent Palestinian children. Anyone with an ounce of feeling, and ounce of humanity, would cry tears of grief for those kids who just minutes before were playing with international journalists. I certainly did.

            When I go around the Internet these days all I am seeing are people who are calling Israelis nazis. It’s quite common now. And once that starts it can only lead to one place. And I will work until the day I die to prevent you Hasbara trolls from endangering my family you freak.

            You freaks will not be able to tie all of the world’s Jews with the crimes being committed by successive Israeli governments. But some of your dumber trolls will no doubt slip through, the stupid racist fucks who fly the Confederate flag, they don’t read books either like you.

            They just make assumptions and that is going to put innocent people in danger.

            We need a real world leader to stand up and say enough! The rogue state of Israel has committed it’s last atrocity, it’s last Crime Against Humanity. And it’s coming, sure as the sun rises. Because world security depends on it.

            The equation now is Islamic State, Jewish State. They are the same thing. Both use terror to gain land. Both callously kill innocent children as terror and collective punishment. Both have fundamentalist religion as their base.

            It was a horrible mistake to ever conflate the state of Israel with religion. To make the idiotic claim that Israel is a construct by an imaginary being.

            Because if that is allowed to stand, then so must be Islamic State. IS has every right to create itself based on terror and extremist religion, Israel proves this.

            For decades I have listened to stupid fucks tell me that no, UNGA 181 is not the basis for Israel, some imaginary god is. Well so it is with IS then. If we are all going to believe in these imaginary beings as the basis for a modern state then we must accept all of them. I wonder what the next incarnation will be?

            Will the be a Soviet supreme being? A dragon? Frankly I’m betting on the Dragon.

          • CrusadaB

            Fuck you.

          • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

            That’s your answer to the evidence that Israel is a terror state? That’s all you got? Really? I’m so impressed…

          • CrusadaB

            I could ramble on like you but I chose those words. Do you understand them?

          • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

            Yes, quite. You cannot answer the facts. So you offer a physical impossibility. This is common among trolls. You find it impossible to answer the facts because the truth is so heinous, so you stick your fingers in your ears and say fuck you Michael. I don’t want to know the truth.

            I’m not surprised. I would be embarrassed being presented with photographic evidence that the vaunted IDF is really a terror outfit that ties kids to the front of jeeps to protect grown soldiers. You should read the rest of the story. A rabbi who tried to intervene was head butted by one of your wonderful IDF soldiers.

            A rebbe for Christ’s sake. This is what you support. A vile little tribal terrorist nation that uses kids as Human Shields and busts up rabbis who dare intervene. It’s completely sick to support such vile horrible acts of terror against innocent children.

            You are the first American Indian I have come across in my long life that supports state terror against children. I am ashamed for you.

          • CrusadaB

            Oh, boo hoo. Get over yourself.

          • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

            No, I think this is pretty important. You are the first American Indian that I have ever come across who supports the illegal and violent colonization of the indigenous people of Palestine.

            I would like you to expand on how you came to such a position.

          • CrusadaB

            American Indians are THE most subsidized group in the United States. Pretty much free everything if you have a number. I don’t resent anyone. I’m not mad. Even if Israel gave them their whole state, Palestinians would find a way to destroy it without the Jews.

          • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

            You have to be shitting me. So how much are you getting? Explain to everyone how you are living the high life. Man, you are severely stressing me sister. I’ve been to eleven different res’s and one of them is mine, I don’t like bullshit. You’re not really native are you?

            On your other point, Israel was created in Palestine in 1948. Palestine was already there, there were Palestinians there, and Israel Ethnically Cleansed more than 710,000 of them in what is widely known as the Nakba. This was addressed by UN General Assembly resolution 194. The Palestinians have a right to return to the land that was violently stolen from them or be properly compensated, it is the law.

            And no, the Palestinians will do just fine when they are not under the jack boot of the IDF. The former Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad is a case in point. He tirelessly worked at building state institutions but as all things are, he was constantly stymied by the damnable and illegal occupation and the immovable discriminatory bureaucracy associated with it.

          • Eric11210

            What evidence? Some propaganda garbage you cooked up Ahmed?

          • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

            What did I tell you? I not going to stand for your troll shit Eric. Either be civil or be gone. My name is Michael, one more Ahmed and you’re gone.

            Address the facts. Do you really not fucking know about the Irgun, the Palmach, LEHI, Stern, and the Haganah the terrorist group that is now the IDF?

            What the fuck are you doing commenting if you do not know where Israel came from? Either address the facts, like Prime Minister Menachem Begin was the head terrorist of the Irgun and one vile motherfucker, or be gone.

            Like in either 1946 or 1947, that little terrorist fuck stuffed one pound notes in the pockets of two of six kidnapped British soldiers as a payment for any “wear and tear” on their uniforms.

            You stupid Hasbara fucks are not bright enough to learn that it was the Irgun and the other terrorist groups in pre-state Israel that taught Palestinians about kidnapping soldiers.

            The United States at the time was running intelligence on these little terrorist fucks, and there were Americans giving material support to these terrorists.

            And just like going after nazi war criminals, I think those criminals who started all of this should be run to ground as well. And that includes stupid fucks like you who support state terror just because you have a screw loose and you are an Islamophobe.

          • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

            Personally I think the US should send troops and weapons and munitions to train the Palestinians to throw off the invaders. This lop-sided fight and pretense that it’s about terror by Palestinians must come to an end. The original terrorists are the Israelis. The terror army that they have sprung from the Irgun, Palmach, LEHI, the Stern Gang, and our US State Department was well aware of this because the US administration was doing intelligence work against the Irgun and the others for the British.

            The sad fact is, we as a nation knew this was going on. Americans were actively giving money to these terrorist groups. Oh yeah, that reminds me, I need to send a third followup message to the Washington Post because I am trying to find out if they ran the ads for the Irgun like other US News papers did at the time. I want to know whether they ran them gratis as other papers did, or did they charge regular rates, or did they refuse to support Jewish terror by the Irgun and the other assassinators.

            CB no doubt does not know how they assassinated Lord Moyne and many others. it’s quite sick what people blindly support.

            “Neither Jewish ethics nor Jewish tradition can disqualify terrorism as a means of combat. We are very far from having any moral qualms as far as our national war goes. We have before us the command of the Torah, whose morality surpasses that of any other body of laws in the world: “Ye shall blot them out to the last man.” But first and foremost, terrorism is for us a part of the political battle being conducted under the present circumstances, and it has a great part to play: speaking in a clear voice to the whole world, as well as to our wretched brethren outside this land, it proclaims our war against the occupier. We are particularly far from this sort of hesitation in regard to an enemy whose moral perversion is admitted by all.”

            — LEHI

            Lehi Commemoration in Petah Tikva:

          • Bishadi

            No weapons.
            No fight
            No plan, except educate any and all to see how stupid it is to fight over a stupid hill, with a gold domes on it.
            If each understood why israel was in Palestine in the first place, it would end immediately.

          • Eric11210

            If you believe that Israel is an apartheid state, please answer these questions:

            Which Israeli hospitals refuse to treat Arab Israelis?
            Which Israeli universities refuse to enroll Arab Israelis?

            Which Israeli parks have benches labeled Jews only?
            Which Israeli law refuses the vote to Arab citizens of Israel?

          • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

            Please explain how more than 600,000 illegal colonists who are outside of Israel get a vote while the people who they are stealing the land and resources from, don’t get a vote.

            It is the very definition of Apartheid, and Desmond Tutu says it’s worse. So does everyone that Israel actually lets in. The sad fact is that Israel regularly prevents actual independent investigations into the War Crimes that they commit. I wonder why…

            Over the last couple of years I know that I have provided you with reams of data from such sources as the Association for Civil Rights Israel (ACRI) that fully document the completely different set of laws for Palestinians as opposed to Jews.

            There is a completely separate legal system, separate roads for Jews, ID cards, special colored license plates, everything but the god damned star of David, which you would know if you were fucking smart enough to read and comprehend the reports. Your issue is that you don’t want to face the truth in those reports. For instance:

            “The ‘One Rule, Two Legal Systems‘ report reviews the prevailing legal situation in the West Bank under Israeli rule, and explains how decades of “temporary” military rule have given rise to two separate and unequal systems of law that discriminate between the two population groups living in the one territory – Israelis and Palestinians. The legal differentiation is not restricted to security or criminal matters, but touches upon almost every aspect of daily life.

            A series of military decrees, legal rulings and legislative amendments have resulted in a situation whereby Israeli citizens living in the Occupied Territories remain under the jurisdiction of Israeli law and the Israeli court system, with all the benefits that this confers. The High Court of Justice has ruled that the rights enshrined in Israel’s Basic Laws (equivalent to constitutional provisions) apply equally to these citizens, despite the fact that they do not reside in sovereign Israeli territory. A substantial portion of Israeli Law is also applied within the Occupied Territories to “Jews according to the Law of Return” and yet are not Israeli citizens.”

            One Rule, Two Legal Systems: Israel’s Regime of Laws in the West Bank November 24th, 2014

            Do not come back here in three seconds and dismiss this report. Read the report and internalize it. If you ever want to understand why Israel is a world pariah and hated as much as Iran, then you really need to start reading the material. Europe is already gone. Almost to a person they believe that Israel is a violent Apartheid state that cannot be rehabilitated.

            Especially Britain. They had many of their soldiers and civilians killed by Jewish terrorists in the pre-state Yishuv and they have a good reason to distrust the little nation that has done nothing but lie and obfuscate long before Balfour even in 1917.

            Start taking the time to learn the facts that most everyone else already knows. As more and more Americans learn this stuff, any support for Israel will disappear and the little state will be quite alone.

            And as it has spent a century making enemies by killing people’s children, I would not hold out much hope. What are they gonna do, nuke themselves?

            If you truly cared and you obviously fucking don’t or you would have informed yourself by now, you should be lobbying for the rule of law and UN resolutions, the only possible way forward for the state of Israel.

          • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

            God damned trolls never answer their own bullshit. Typical. Hasbara trolls are trained to not get gummed up in actually addressing facts. They only sow discord and propaganda.

          • Bishadi

            That is a Christian, not an israel.
            In many cases, the eric type are worse.
            Because they actually believe that they are forgiven when misleading.

          • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

            He’s not even an evangelical. Eric the troll is a hater. A person with no life, no love, only pure white blinding hate. And it has led Eric the troll into dark times, dark times indeed. I thought the same thing when I saw the avatar. I said ‘oh no, another one of those True Believers(tm).

            But no, Eric the troll is not even bright even to be a paid Hasbara troll.

            He’s stalking and trolling for free, our of hate and ignorance. As you can see here, Eric the troll has no couth, no education, see the sloped forehead? The beady little eyes? His mother has tried to get him into therapy, but Eric the troll manhandles his mother.

            Eric the troll does not have the ability to carry on an adult conversation. You may have already learned why. Twelve years-old. American. In a cult.

          • Bishadi

            Everyone in Gaza is being held within the Israelis created concentration camp.
            Let me know when they can vote within israel, since israel is who hold the blockade, utilities, and everything in and out of the ‘concentration camp gaza’.
            Heck, Jerusalem alone is not israel not to mention the Golan.
            Can you answer the question: why are rabbi claiming to build a temple mount and sacrifice ‘red heifer’, where a muslim mosque is?

          • Eric11210

            Why should they get to vote for a foreign country? Israel has no control over Gaza. It is an independent area which Israel left. It only imposed a blockade because Hamas fires rockets over the border. Your ridiculous analogy would be like demanding that the North Koreans get to vote for the United States president since the USA imposes an embargo on them.

            As for your ridiculous effort to compare Gaza to Auschwitz, I don’t recall BMW dealerships, white sandy beaches, luxury malls and trendy cafes having been part of the Jewish experience in the concentration camps. But hey, why deal in facts when you can lie in order to further your hatred of the Jews, right?

          • Bishadi

            And israel has no say on iran having nukes too, right?
            I don’t recall, god claiming that Christians supporting an apartheid is ok.
            But to lie and defend an oppression, I bet is worse in the eyes of every god.

          • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

            Eric the troll does not believe in any god Bishadi. Eric the troll only believes in hate. It does not have the ability to learn and it has been stalking me all over the Internet. Until now that is. Eric the troll is a pretender, a fraud.

          • Bishadi

            He is apparently awaiting a ‘messiah’ but has no idea what to expect.

          • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

            I don’t think so. I think that Eric the troll hates himself so much, he cannot help but be anti-social and rude. It had a chance here to redeem itself and learn something, but it refuses. It is afraid to look stupid, so it writes the most stupid things. A weird symbioses with its own twisted mind.

          • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

            “Why should they get to vote for a foreign country?”

            If you had the sense of a chicken you would know that I asked that question first. Why the fuck are there illegal squatters in another country getting a vote? They are in Palestine, not Israel.

            But they will be going back to Israel soon enough. The illegal occupation is going to wind down. I guess it will take a nuke up the chute to do it, but it could not happen to a nicer bunch of folks.

            I hope you are visiting when it happens. BOOM!

          • Eric11210

            Oh and as for your question, they anticipate a time when the Messiah arrives and the Jews rebuild the Temple. I don’t see why that has anything to do with the questions you failed to answer.

          • Bishadi

            The guy of Rev 22:4
            John 14:30 as Jesus said.
            dan 7:8
            That temple will not be built in Jerusalem. Any bets?
            Ezek 22:19-22 maybe ……………. but ‘temple’ and a mess of a man, showing up to enable ‘the name of god’ in Jerusalem…………… NO!
            That house of knowledge, will not be in Jerusalem.

          • Bishadi

            “We” ???
            Do you have a mouse in your pocket?
            .Any human being is allowed too and can read torah, tanakh and any bible that they want to.
            You do not hold the rights?
            Again, just by your arrogance, ignorance and self righteousness, you’re not Jewish. Christians expect to be forgiven so many have learned some rather well reduced beliefs, but Jews don’t have such latitudes.
            yeeeehaw on the facts!

          • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

            JPost stomped you for this crap troll Eric. There is no messiah and there will not be an imaginary third temple, grow up troll boy. It has to do with crazy people believing that they must find a red heifer and then slit its throat and burnt it as an offering, fool. Yeah, the little girls across the planet will really love Israel when they bring back animal sacrifice you insane ding dong.

          • Eric11210

            I see you continue to engage in censorship Ahmed. Then again, what can one expect from a Jihadist such as yourself who has called Jews cockroaches?

          • Admiral_Moorer_believed

            All people under Israel control for over 40 years get access to Israeli medical facilities. . .

            Yeah right.

            Under International law, Israel has to provide essential services such as medical, education, etc to the occupied population.

            Then there are the Gazan kids with curable illnesses that Israel push’s back into Gaza to die because they or their parents refuse to be spies fopr Israel. . .

            The most moral. . .

          • Eric11210

            Nils as usual loves to lie. He knows perfectly well that his fellow Muslims live under the control of the PA and they get those services from their own people. He also knows perfectly well that Gaza is not occupied and that in spite of that, Israel offers his fellow Muslims there free medical care. But hey, why the tell the truth when a lie is so much better? Especially at this propaganda site where his fellow Jihadi Hess will gladly support his efforts to lie?

          • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

            You first. There is no evidence whatsoever that any Palestinian militant has ever used a child as an individual shield, for grown soldiers, as there is for the vaunted pussy boys (and girls) in the Israeli “Defense” Force. A terrorist group that sprang from the terrorists Haganah, the Irgun, and LEHI, among others.

            For those who actually care about truth, they can visit B’Tselem, and learn the truth about the IDF and it’s use of kids as Human Shields for the world’s “most moral” army. Yeah, a bunch of fucking terrorists armed to the teeth by the United States. I am ashamed that our nation supports these terrorist freaks who commonly use children tied to jeeps and in other vile and disgusting ways. CB, you are either uninformed or a miserable fucking liar, which is it?

          • Eric11210

            So that’s why the tunnels were filled with guns and handcuffs as well as tranquilizer darts to kidnap Israelis, right? You Jihadis are all the same. Desperately trying to push dumb lies.

          • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

            You are in my sandbox troll Eric. You will keep a civil tongue and address the facts you troll fuck or I will ban you in a heartbeat.

            Do not post anymore propaganda from memri or camera or any of the other Zionist Hasbara vile propaganda. If you want to post something from a valid source, this is your chance.

            But one more propaganda post from memri or any of those other fake sites and you are gone.

            Consider this your only warning.

          • Eric11210

            So ban me Ahmed. You’ll just prove once and for all what a pathetic little Jihadist you are.

          • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

            Look you stupid fuck. You are a temporary guest on BBSNews. My name is not Ahmed as you know. I am not a jihadist, I am an American Indian in New Mexico.

            Either be civil and address the facts or you will be gone. And that means stop being an asshole and calling me names. I would have to assume that since I have run BBSNews for the last twenty-five years, with my real name of course you stupid fuck, that if I was a jihadi someone might have fucking noticed it by now.

            Now don’t fuck with anybody while you are here, and keep a civil tongue in your head or you are gone.

          • Bishadi

            MH, please…Add dialogue to find their conscious

            Keep your head……..
            Bring in more, versus chasing them all out.

          • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

            Bishadi, as I intimated in another thread I have come to the end of my rope with Hasbara trolls. This About Us page is my place to address these sad human beings in a way that I am restrained from doing most other places.

            I am delighted to engage in civil dialogue with anyone who wishes to do the same.

            But to these trolls who have spent years insulting my heritage, my family, and threatened my family, and who call me a nazi and other vile names simply because of me being in favor of the rule of law, truth, UN resolutions, maps, all the documents that comprise a history of a state, they can fuck off and die.

            I am sick of them. These people have been an online impediment to peace because they will not allow a civil conversation about this subject to occur. They come in with the most vile of insults, and slur entire cultures, with their hate and their ignorance and vitriol.

            This is my line in the sand. People all over the world need to start shutting down these trolls so a peaceful solution can be found according to the rule of law.

          • Bishadi

            Lot’s of people are upset all over the world.
            You should try that Russian site, Pravda. They throw F bombs at everything ‘western’ because ‘we’ as western are so stupid to let it get this bad.
            A guy named mandrake is about the only American on the forum itself. He and I end up with our temporary bannings for barking at the idiots.
            he’s hilarious sometimes
            Do you know how many sites that I have been banned from and called a troll, just for being a bit too quick on data?

          • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

            Yep, it is a universal problem but this is my place so it’s my problem. I will give trolls a very short leash and then they are gone. It’s so simple to have an intelligent conversation and exchange reliable and verifiable data, but the trolls always like to get in the way.

          • Bishadi

            It’s your house.

          • Bishadi


            Try me!

          • Eric11210

            BTW, the items I posted came from your fellow Jihadists in Gaza. Only the translation was from MEMRI. But of course, as with all Jihadis, you are desperate to keep the Western world from seeing the truth and so you engage in blatant censorship.

          • Bishadi

            Maybe one spot.
            I have no doubt that bad from both is being done but with zero doubt the most horrid, are what Israelis are doing to the locals.
            Not everyone is a jeeehawd or terrorists or anti semitic or even an atheist…………….. to claim that israeli oppression on Palestinians, human beings, is wrong!
            What I can represent, and judge for myself, is that no Jew can break the commandments and false witness upon another, and honestly call themselves Jewish. That forgiveness nonsense, is Christian. The broken command, the act, the rude, the lie, does exist and by the hand of the irresponsible goy, so to speak.
            make sense?

          • Eric11210

            Try in virtually ALL of them. And Israel does not oppress the so called Palestinians. Israel pulled out of Gaza fully and only imposed the blockade after Hamas started firing rockets at us.

          • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

            What’s this “us” crap? You are not in Israel. Do you want me to tell everyone where you really are? Israel still occupies Gaza. I have told you this many times, I asked Ban Ki Moon about this for BBSNews after Cast Lead and Israel still occupies Gaza. It’s about “effective control.” A legal term under international law. A fly does not get into Gaza without Israel’s permission.


            See UNSCR 1860. I have provided evidence in this very thread, to you troll Eric, that yes, Israel systematically oppresses the Palestinians who are actually citizens of Israel as opposed to those under the jackboot of illegal occupation. You need to read the documents and stop lying. See ACRI.

            If you continue to ignore the documents and insist on lying, then I will systematically delete your comments until you learn to play nice.

          • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

            My name is not achmed you fraudulent little punk. Now stick to the facts or I will not let single post of yours through.

          • Eric11210

            Ooh. I’m so scared.

          • Eric11210

            Typical Jihadist. When I post proof that you are a liar, you engage in censorship just like your fellow Muslim extremists. Real nice. This is why you are such a joke Ahmed.

          • Bishadi

            US…………………. You are not israeli. Unless you are a kid, because no israeli that I have even met on the internet is as ignorant as you are.

            Jerusalem and the West bank is currently occupied.

            See UN Res 181, 476, 478, just to name a few.


            Quote: “United Nations Security Council resolution 476, adopted on 30 June 1980, declared that “all legislative and administrative measures and actions taken by Israel, the occupying Power, which purport to alter the character and status of the Holy City of Jerusalem have no legal validity and constitute a flagrant violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention”.

            .That is the globe agreeing, but the weak, spineless, and slow minded, can be just too ignorant to overcome the bs, with reality.

          • Admiral_Moorer_believed

            Come on. eric is posting from the hasbara 101 “accepted narrative” handbook.

            He isn’t ignorant. He is a liar for the cause.

            I have seen some very long winded posts from him that have a very familiar ring to posts made by other supporters of Israel as if they came from the same talking points database. . .

            The man is not a blogger. He is a shill. . .

          • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

            He’s not Israeli, I don’t think he is even a Jew. Otherwise he would know about Balfour and his little filthy mouth would not be saying “so-called” Palestinians. I think he is a fraud trying to lie his way out. I think it is time the little fuck is exposed as the lying fraud that he is.

          • Bishadi

            He is definitely not Jewish.
            Jews do not false witness, by choice.
            The best way to deal with any person is to their conscious.
            Cuss words and deleting does nothing.

          • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

            Nahhh, he’s talking that messiah nonsense, I know who he is, one of those Hagee frauds.

          • Bishadi

            But when there is a dialogue, find out what is important.
            For example: the messofaman, could never do magic, except to a person that believes magic and miracles are important. But a mess, that can enable you to walk on water and capable to live forever and it is true………. could be just like you.
            Do you know what the ankh is? In a literal sense, it is the symbolism for ‘cristos’. And between you and I, it is a rendition of the key to how the whole of the universe works.
            My point is, there are bunches of old beliefs and stories of a day when truth unfolds, to the letter. For example: what Charles Darwin enabled; often the change in perspective, is so stupid easy that many could and may say, ‘why didn’t I think of that’.
            I once told my mother, that I had completed the math that enables anyone to comprehend itself. I told her that from what gravity is, to how evolution works to the molecular scale, can be defined. I told her that the medical field can now address most every ailment known. I even told her, that each can comprehend what good and bad are that is pure to life and nature itself.
            She said, ‘if that is true then you would be ……………………..’. Guess what word she used?
            True story!

          • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

            Very thoughtful Bishadi. I love the academic and metaphysical debate but for troll Eric, he does not rise to that level. I don’t think he can. As you know, for any type of true enlightenment one must accept the truth as it is and not what one wishes it to be.

            I was looking through today’s news and noticed that troll Eric’s elusive red heifer is in the news today. I fear that people who are going to burn a red heifer as a sign to destroy Al Aqsa and build upon the resulting empty space are not one with enlightenment.

            Quite the opposite. But if you can squeeze any type of something out of troll Eric I wish you luck. I just don’t think there is anything there. Well, except for some tarry looking goo stuff. He cannot be honest with himself, or with others. He is lost and looking for the elusive red heifer that can never be.

            We would have, and we would deserve the resulting third world war if these freaks try to dismantle Al Aqsa.

          • Bishadi

            The zionist are the ‘anti’. The few willing to oppress, murder, mislead and go against what IS REAL, are the bad guys that many old stories mentioned. ie…. chosen ones
            You give eric too much credit. He is just a person and like you and I, he/it can evolve.
            Most have no idea what the ‘red heifer’ is even about. No sane person could support such an event knowing that oppression to human beings, is how the pursuit is being accomplished. It would be like a pharaoh using slaves to build a temple to a ‘god’ by the blood of others.
            Where the divergence exists, is that the ‘anti’ have lost sight that the pinnacle capstone is knowledge; the word. But instead consider a location ‘temple mount’ as the pinnacle to obtain.

          • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

            I think many Americans are seeing the storming of the mosque that goes on so regularly. It is making the news now far more than it did before Cast Lead. And way more since Bibi’s stupid lying war last Summer on Gaza.

            I am giving Eric a chance. If he wishes to learn actual verifiable facts then he can participate. But each of his lying “jihadi” posts will be deleted as soon as I see them. He has a chance. I don’t think he is man enough to take it, he knows that I know where he is posting from. He should admit it openly. He should admit that he has never been out of this country.

          • Bishadi

            Just impose ‘no false witness’.
            be fair and offer each an option to represent their opinion but to back it up.
            That’s it.

          • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

            That is it. The day troll Eric actually offers factual evidence I will fall down on the ground. A red heifer ain’t it.

          • Sam WassermaN

            … Unlike Eric, and most others whom you have anointed as a troll “CHIEF SITTING HESS”

            YOU have NO EDUCATION and you are NOT AN ACADEMIC ..

            You are nothing more than trailer trash posing as a journalist in order to spew your unadulterated hate from your BBSNews soapbox that you had to establish on your own as no one else would hire you!

            BOO HOO HOO

            Go home to mommy’ trailer. She will comfort you and make everything all better Mickey !

          • Admiral_Moorer_believed


            Are you supporting Col. Israel Shomer?

            You know. Your brave IDF mate who shot the Arab kid in the back. . .

            Your IDF must be on drugs given their inability to stop from killing kids at will.

          • Admiral_Moorer_believed

            My my eric.

            You are getting around a bit. Directed by your handlers probably.

            I wondered why you were relatively absent from the Jerusalem Post. I can see why. . .

            34,647 zionist hasbara quotes.

            Going to have a party at 35,000? Pop the corks?

            “tranquilizer darts to kidnap Israelis”. . . If Israel says it is at war with Hamas, why do you seem to say that it is wrong for them to capture prisoners from Israel?

            “tranquilizer darts” are a lot more civilised that your “Hannibal Procedure” which is designed to kill young Israeli men who fight for Israel in the very unlikely event that they are being captured and taken prisoner.

            If I was a young Jewish male, I would tell the politicians that if they want to invade Gaza, they should just go there themselves to do so. Better still, accept the offer of a 25 year Hudna from Hamas and quit the fighting and killing.

            No soldier should keep one eye on the commanders in case they decide to kill the soldier for being bettered on the battle field.

            It reminds me of the Russian special barrier forces in WW2 ensuring that the front line troops don’t withdraw without orders.

          • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

            Yeah, I just noticed that he got out of hand again. I warned him about the jihadist crap. I told him he could stay of he could keep a civil tongue in his head but he obviously can’t.

            He’s a Hasbara troll. And I want to hunt every one of them down on the ‘net like the little natsi cockroaches that they are, and stomp ’em. They have been allowed to gum up the debate for far too long.

            I think every moderator on the planet should start stomping the shit out of these little cockroaches like troll Eric. He’s one of the most prolific. He dares me to ban him, he is entirely too stupid to understand that I am using him as an example to the other cockroaches.

          • Eric11210

            Nice. At least now we see how you really feel about Jews. Just like your namesake, you consider us roaches to be exterminated. Well, no surprise there. Your name is Hess after all…

          • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

            It has nothing to do with Jews you fucking freak! I am so sick of that line. Where do you fucking get off thinking that all Jews on this planet support Crimes Against Humanity? I know from my family that this is simply not true. American Jews don’t believe this bullshit Eric. I was brought up at J.C.C. from a toddler until I was a lifeguard there.

            I will not let Jew hating messianic fucks like you taint what is good about Judaism. The worst thing that ever happened was this conflation of Zionism with Judaism. There is nothing ethical or Jewish about stealing someone’s nation at the point of a gun!

            You might note there were thousands of us against this shit from the get go because we could see where this was going to lead. And here it is, you are the god damned embodiment of where it led!

            You are everything that is wrong with this picture. All rolled up into one vile troll. Jewish Voice for Peace, Americans for Peace Now, even lame J-Steet, countless others.

            Fuck you Eric, American Jews do not support the killings of children to protect an illegal occupation of millions of other people. It’s just not done. You are one of the freaks.

            Stop the achmed bullshit Eric. I will keep on deleting each and every post you make until you keep a civil tongue in your head, I don’t think you can do it.

          • Eric11210

            I know of no Jews who support Crimes Against Humanity. On the other hand, you do support such things since you love Jihad. You have made clear that you believe Jews to be roaches to be exterminated, just like your namesake. Get some help Ahmed. You need it.

          • Admiral_Moorer_believed

            Still playing the victim. . .

            Even when Israel has over 200 nukes and kills the neighbours at will. Especially the women and children.

          • Eric11210

            Never mind that you are simply pushing tired lies Nils. What does your diatribe have to do with the words of your fellow Jihadi referring to Jews as roaches?

          • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

            He’s gone. I’ve had enough with the little troll terrorist. It’s a new day with the Iran deal and I look forward to this Fall when President Obama adds to his legacy, and abstains from the French Palestine statehood resolution.

          • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

            Fuck you Eric. You are not a Jew, you are one of those wild-eyed American Christian Zionist frauds. YOU are a cockroach you fuck and I would gladly step on you, I would gladly spray Raid on you and exterminate you, that’s because Hasbara trolls are vermin Eric, and you are one of the king vermin.

            Real regular American Jews do not support Crimes Against Humanity. This is why American Jews vote Democratic, and this is why they overwhelmingly voted President Obama in twice.

            So fuck off you miserable cockroach vermin. As I have said you little insect, if you post a reply without your jihadi laden bullshit, I will let it through. Keep posting the jihadi bullshit and the achmed shit and I will keep deleting them until the cows come home and that Iranian nuke wipes out Tel Aviv. It will have your name on it Hasbara troll.

          • Eric11210

            Translation: “I hate Jews and I have serious mental issues to boot.”

            Oh and bubbelle, not only am I a Jew, I am also an Israeli Jew. A proud resident for five years of rabbinical school and a proud citizen since 2008. So sorry to burst your hate bubble.

            You are right about one thing though. Until this past election, I voted Democratic. I’m ashamed to admit that i even voted for the Appeaser in Chief the first time around. By his second run, I knew what a mamzer he was so I held my nose and voted for Romney even though I didn’t like many of the things he had to say.

          • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

            No, I do not hate my own family. I do hate Hasbara trolls who glory in lies and the deaths of Palestinian children under the jackboot of those you apparently emulate. One day troll Eric, militant Zionists will be hunted down as the War Criminals that they are.

            You wanted to be Baruch Goldstein instead of Louis Brandeiss so you shall reap the whirlwind. Surely you must know that you are of a tiny minority of American Jews, the kind that maintains a dual citizenship and plays the vile right wing wingnut games like all the other wingnuts, with President Obama.

            He is doing his best to keep Israel and the United States safe. In spite of the arrogant bullshit that comes out of today’s militant Zionist Jews. By the numbers and policies President Obama has done more for Israel than any other US President in the short history of Israel, since 1948.

            My research shows that this strain of terroristic militancy will spell doom for what Israel was supposed to be. You want to go live in fortress Israel? Be my guest. But don’t expect American Jews to support the Crimes Against Humanity.

            It’s been tacit so far. That is changing now as everyone is getting older and seeing the reality. This is what happened in my family. It is happening all over America. I’m sorry buddy, but the young Jews of today will not support War Crimes and other human rights abuses and that is Israel today.

            Now see, you can comment without saying jihadi or achmed. I didn’t think you had it in you. Now if you stop with that self-hating bullshit maybe you’ll learn something. Stop being a putz bubbelle. Voted for Romney, what an idiot. Make aliyah. I think it should be illegal the dual citizenship.

          • Eric11210

            Censor away Ahmed. It only reinforces that you hate Jews and anyone who stands up to your Jihadist ideals.

      • CrusadaB

        I keep my stuff secret because of whiny small minded people like you who would prolly send someone to my house and kill me.

  • NUTZ

    This dude is certifiably nuckin-futs.

    • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

      Well, coming from an anti-Semite such as yourself, I’m not surprised. Can you spell out what’s racist about Haaretz, or the Jewish Daily Forward, or any other news that you find here? In twenty-five years, not a racist word has been uttered here. My family would not stand for it. We have everybody from WASPS, to Jews, to American Indians, to Haitians and several other ethnicities, all over the country. So frankly, I think it is you who is the anonymous fucking asshole troll.

      I let you sit here for the last couple of months and I’m leaving you here. You probably changed your troll name sometime ago. That’s what you trolls do. Change names more than your underwear and just write complete bullshit wherever you go, because you think you are anonymous.

      You should probably read up on Internet troll research. You are not anonymous at all.

      The only hate you will find here is the likes of you, CB, that Arafat troll that I did ban because he is an obnoxious fuck, most sites have banned him now, and any other racist troll who rolls through here, I ban them quickly because this ain’t fucking Breitbart, if you want a racist hate-filled Web site, I suggest Breitbart. Or Newsbusters. Sites of that ilk, they are where you will find your like minded dumb fuck redneck Confederate flag loving ignorant racists.

      I hope that clears it up for you.

      • NUTZ

        What the hell are you talking about? Before you answer…take a deep breath…then take note… I’m not racist, I’m not anti-Semite and I’m not CB.

        Nice hat Indiana.

        • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

          “Clinically and pathologically speaking I’d guess this dude is a racist, hate filled sociopath but he is definitely and certifiably ‘nuckin-futs'”

          You were saying? You called me a racist hate-filled sociopath.

          I am none of the above. I am on the side of the rule of law and UN resolutions and I fully agree that the god damned rebel flag gets taken down around statehouses in the South.

          I am against a massively armed terror state killing children in order to protect and extend it’s illegal occupation of an entire people, millions of them.

          So get it straight junior. The hat is Scala. I like it myself, it’s nice in the Winter in the High Desert when it snows like a motherfucker.

          And I know you are not CB. She’s a whole ‘nother can of worms. I never met an Indian who supports the illegal colonization of an indigenous people. I did not know such an Indian existed.

          • NUTZ

            “You were saying? You called me a racist hate-filled sociopath.”
            I see your comprehensive reading and critical thinking skills still need a lot of improvement.

            Look Internet tough guy, obviously you don’t even have the balls (which you haven’t seen if forty years because of your huge, Jew hating gut) to admit you screwed up so go fuck yourself fat boy and please do me the favor of banning me from this sick, pathetic pile of shit you’re so proud of.

            25 years of hate filled crap and less than 50 posts… woohoo!

            PS. I’m a veteran of two wars “Junior” (read: “you ignorant, fat, old, sophomoric, putrescent, hate-filled turd”)

          • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

            Actually my BMI is something to envy. And no, this version of BBSNews does not include about 26,000 articles and if you really cared about facts, which you obviously do not, you would have looked at other iterations of BBSNews over the years.

            I do not hate myself or my family you pathetic puppy, but I have learned that some asshole who calls itself “nutz” has a reading comprehension problem because I can’t figure out what is antisemitic about either Haaretz of the Jewish Daily Forward or any other news I carry here.

            There is nothing hate filled here except some of you fucking trolls who can’t keep a civil tongue in your heads. I’d fall down dead if one of you pathetic trolls ever address a god damned fact. Instead it’s always ad hominem bullshit with no bearing on the actual subject.

            What do you do when people come into your yard and call you filthy names? Do you hand them candy?

          • NUTZ

            “Actually my BMI is something to envy”
            Yeah right and I’m Brad Pitt.

            An intellectually challenged, racist clown posting thousand of hate filled articles while looking for an audience rather than intelligent debate does not equate to a successful site. It’s more like an OCD manifested as public masturbation and it speaks volumes to your 25 years of pathological hatred and your empty, wasted life.

            Childishly attacking someone’s name without understanding why it may have been chosen proves you’re really not equipped to engage anyone in an intellectual arena which, btw, this site isn’t. Google “General Anthony McAuliffe” and then waddle back and tell me how you knew about it all along.

            Do yourself a favor and shut down this turd filled toilet.
            Bubye Indiana

          • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

            My BMI is 27.98 – cool huh? Been a thirty six since 1982. I have never once in my life posted anything racist so I have to assume that you are just another stupid troll making asinine assertions that you cannot back up with facts. I mean really, my dinner table is like a rainbow. We have everyone from Jews to American Indians to Haitians and on and on, even WASPS, and I mean tight-assed WASPS who live in gated white communities.

            Your real name it NUTZ? Well I never. And really, you will have to be more specific, what part of Haaretz is racist? What part of the Jewish Daily Forward is antisemitic?

            I retired out West but I keep my hand in. I am still accredited in places where I feel it’s important, but anyway troll. You could have the most amazing discussion of the facts surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict but you do not open a conversation with “Clinically and pathologically speaking I’d guess this dude is a racist, hate filled sociopath but he is definitely and certifiably ‘nuckin-futs.'”

            I suppose you are not familiar with the expression that honey works better to attract flies than vinegar otherwise you would not have started with spoiled and rancid vinegar.

            Now once again, you have doubled down on your pathetic ad hominem and have demonstrated that you are not capable of holding an adult conversation and addressing the facts.

            Since I have never in my life written anything racist, that must be why you mad the slur but did not include a god damned example. Typical troll. No facts, just made up bullshit.

          • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

            Four hours and still no example. One would think with all that time, if you could find anything racist written by me you would have found it by now. You will not because I have never written anything racist. I am on the side of the rule of law. Nothing more, nothing less.

          • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

            Two days and this cowardly scuz still cannot some up with an example of me ever writing a single racist word in twenty-five years on the Internet.

            That’s because I have never uttered racism against any people. Ever.

          • Muawiyah

            The Onedia and Canandaga had an immigration policy. They early on realized that if they were to survive they needed access to Western technology. Among the first immigrants to the Iroquois territories were GUNSMITHS and BLACKSMITHS and MILLERS (who built mills)

            Cortes made friends with tributary tribes and provided them the cutting edge technology (firepower) to defeat the Mexica ~ I’m sure the Mexica thought them to be illegal aliens, but not the tributaries.

          • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

            Okay, and the point?

          • Muawiyah

            You can imagine what the Iroquois, with their ceremonial cannibalism, did with those who violated their immigration laws and tried moving in without permission……

          • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

            Okay, since the 1917 Balfour Declaration, the Palestinians made it infinitely clear that they did not want a foreign entity foisted upon them.

            They were horribly wronged by the international community. It might be different had Israel actually stayed within its declared borders and live up to the promise of the Zionist Confederation in 1921.

            But they did not. So like any people who have people moving in without permission, the Palestinians rightly resist. I suppose the moral of the story is that the Israelis are lucky that they are not eaten!

          • Muawiyah

            Before the end of WWI the whole place belonged to the Turks. There hadn’t been an Arab country in the region since the 1000s.

            No one knows if these Arab speakers are what they call “True Arabs” (all of whom live over in the peninsula) or simply arabicized circassians and such.

            The Ottoman empire was dismantled to liberate and benefit the residents. They are remarkably ungrateful.

          • Eric11210

            Spoken just like your namesake Hess. He too considered Jews to be cattle and not really human.

          • Eric11210

            But of course you are Ahmed. You are insane. Pure and simple. Referring to Jews who dare oppose your Holy War on behalf of Islam as cockroaches.

  • Muawiyah

    Definitely a weird site.

  • USMC84

    Found you Michael – Santa Fe is nice this time of year

    • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

      Yes, yes it is. Springtime in the High Desert is delightful. Of course that’s not what you meant…