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BBSNews started in 1990. We started out as Bulletin Board System News, which is where the name came from; BBSNews. And of course over the years BBSNews morphed into much more than that, what some used to call “alternative news”. A full featured news site that covered politics and world affairs and science and technology and weather and all the things you would associate with a news site.

I am still writing today about Palestine, Politics, and Space and I am curating news for this site from various alternative news sources from around the world through syndication. BBSNews is based on the WordPress CMS framework and I am using a heavily modified theme called Tempera.

We are currently carrying original news and analysis, the Palestine Chronicle, International Middle East Media Center (IMEMC), Integrated Regional Information Networks (IRIN), Atheist Alliance International, NASA, Challenge Magazine and other sources. The Weather page is based on various official U.S. sources and Weather for US.

I removed syndicated news from the American Task Force on Palestine (ATFP) after I learned, late to my sad admission, that Rashid Khalidi is no longer involved because ATFP has taken a decidedly pro-colonialism approach and that is fatal to the peace process, such that it is.

It is my goal to provide the latest news about religion, politics, foreign policy and the seemingly intractable Israeli-Palestinian conflict (it is solvable with the Arab Peace Initiative). I pull together these stories from a wide variety of sources that span a wide range of viewpoints to make it easier for those who are really interested in what is going on in Palestine to learn about the issues in one place, here at BBSNews.

I believe that there can finally be peace in the Middle East when international law is applied equally, for the very first time, to the state of Israel instead of all other states in the Middle East where the United States tends to shoot first, and ask questions later. Unless there’s oil of course; then there can be shooting and then negotiations over who gets the spoils of the oil, later.

That my friends, is the answer to ‘why do they hate us?’ We treat the Middle East as America’s gas station without much thought at all about the people who live in the region.

Until the bedrock international legal principle of ‘territory acquired by force of war is inadmissible’ is enforced against Israel, there can be no just solution or peace. People have a legal right to resist the theft of their land and resources and the killings of entire families by an occupier state, to do otherwise would have made the French Resistance illegal.

Welcome readers!

Michael Hess, reach me at editor@bbsnews.net


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  • CrusadaB

    His name is Hess…any questions?

    • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

      Yes, and your troll name is inexplicably “crusadab” which is gibberish and means nothing.

      It’s the sheer ignorance that get’s me. You obviously have never seen a fucking Israeli phone book because had you done so, you would know that there are hundreds of Hess’s throughout Israel. If you had a fucking clue, you would also know that there is even an illegal colonist who is named Hess who has been hauled in front of the Israeli High Court.

      For extra fucking credit you dumbass ninny, you would understand that there is even a famous Zionist Hess from the 1900’s who worked very hard to eventually have a Jewish state but of course he did not live to see it.

      I am quite sure he would be appalled at how it all came out. Instead of Israel being a dreamy socialist democratic Utopia, it is a state that came into being by Ethnically Cleansing another people.

      And most of all chick, you are entirely too stupid to even realize that I am on your side, I do not believe in War Crimes, or Crimes Against Humanity, or law’s that take away a women’s right to her own decisions about her body.

      In short, you reveal yourself to be a chick who supports abortion and War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity and you are too pussy chickenshit to actually post with your real name in public so your family and your boss can see what it is you actually support and the stupid shit that you say on the Internet.

      I hope that fuckin’ clears it up for ya, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

      You are too friggin’ ignorant to be able to understand the articles from the Jewish Daily Forward, or Haaretz, or anything else here that is obviously harder to read than the back of the toothbrush box in your mother’s house.

      • CrusadaB

        I was thinking you were German…and my aren’t you a hostile little person. I checked out your website. Pretty racist. Good luck in your miserable basement.

        • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

          There is not whiff of racism here you lying bitch. I get so sick and tired of lying little bitches posting with fake names. I post with my real name, you can contact me (obviously) you can call me on the phone. And most of all, did I tell you? I hate lying bitches.

          You brought up my last name because you were trying to make a vile reference. I am no relation to the vile monster you have tried to align me with. Get that through your heads bitches. My peeps have been here since dirt, and on the German side since the 1800’s you lying bitch.

          I post with my real name and have actually been threatened, have had death treats against my family in two states, and notified the authorities and have had people investigated, all for being in favor of the rule of law and UN resolutions. Threats by lying bitches all.

          As an American Indian, I am very interested in the fact that the Palestinians are being rousted, illegally, from their land as was done here long before there was a Hague Convention, a UN Charter, or the Geneva Conventions.

          Before you spout off complete bullshit, get your facts straight. There is no racism on BBSNews and there never ever has been in more than twenty-five years of operation you lying bitch.

          Unlike you lying bitches, I do not make death threats against people who support the Ethnic Cleansing of indigenous people from their homeland.

          But obviously you do. And you are a lying bitch. Now like I said, don’t let the door flap on your ass on the way out. You betcha I’m hostile to lying bitches making false allegations. I have been nice for the last twenty-five years, no more.

          The lying REAL racism and ignorance in this country engendered by lying racist GOP tea bagger freaks is a serious problem. Now run off and tie your little tea bag to your hat and sling your automatic weapon across your shoulders and I will no doubt see you on CNN with an ignorant racist sign against President Obama.

          I get so sick of you freak fucking liars.

          • CrusadaB

            I am a Native American from Oklahoma. Please quit calling me names. It takes away from your argument. I support Israel’s right to exist. I believe in the Constitution of the United States. I support a woman’s right to choose but nothing past 12 weeks. She should know by then. I support your First Amendment right. I live and work in a very integrated neighborhood. I have never flown another flag other than the U.S. one. I am an American. No hyphens.

          • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

            Then you should know better.

            “His name is Hess…any questions?”

            What does that say to you? You clearly called me a Nazi. Consider this, how many white folks have you heard say things like your chief does not look Indian, he is just a liar? And what kind of Indian name is John Baker? Or our chief Michell Hicks? Wingnuts make assumptions based on names all the time and that is what you did here.

            The bigots expect us to have the name of tonto or some other Indian sounding name like He who Walks With Water or some other romantic bullshit.

            You went right into using my surname to make slurs against me without simply asking. You made a very wrong assumption, without even looking, based on what are clearly trolls on our contact page. I leave them up because they are so freaking stupid.

            Now to Israel. No state on this entire planet has a “right” to exist. A state must satisfy various requirements and I won’t go into the Monte Video requirements here. We can solve this, just tell me the name of any other state that demands a recognition of a “right” to exist. That demand rests on pure paranoia, because Israel got its state by terrorism that they passed on to Al Qaeda.

            Go to the library and grab Bruce Hoffman’s new book called Anonymous Soldiers: The Struggle for Israel 1917-1947 [Knopf 2015]. Or anything by the New Israel Historians like the former editor in chief of Haaretz, Tom Segev, “1967.” Even Benny Morris, or Ilan Pappe, the historical facts are also available at the Truman Presidential Library.

            There is a very easily found progression of the inception of the state of Israel starting with Theodor Herzl but the idea really did not take off until the Balfour Declaration. But perhaps you should bear in mind, the British has no right to give away Palestine in the first place.

            And the United Nations did not have a right to give part of Palestine to Israel under UNGA 181, the UN has no such power.

            But most of all, the state of Israel has no right to steal the rest of Palestine. Israelis use thirteen times more water than native Palestinians. Gaza will be out of fresh water by 2020. Will the vile siege and occupation of Palestine even be ended by then?

            Do you even care about children dying next to the ocean but having no water because a violent occupier has killed every seed a native Palestinian has planted and illegal colonists stole their water and emptied their aquifer? I am quite sure you would not be happy if Israel depleted Ogallala aquifer?

            And where’s the examples of “racism?” You can find none because there has never been a racist word published by our staff or me on this Web site for the last twenty-five years of operation.

            Given my family, that includes not only Jews and American Indians but African Americans, Haitians and; that’s enough sharing. So you fully expect me to publish racist bullshit against my own family?

            What are you fuckin’ nuts? And yeah, the beauty of being the editor and owner here is that I can be quite frank, I cannot be censored here like right wing wingnut sites show actually do carry racist articles every single day. If you want a racist site, try Breitbart or Daily Caller.

            I do not allow and never have allowed even a whisper of racism here and if you see it in the comments somewhere that I miss, feel free to contact me. But fix that problem of making assumptions from a surname or appearance. Jesus you should know better.

          • CrusadaB

            Sorry. Israel is surrounded by Arabs. That is why they keep on wanting to be acknowledged. And didn’t they give back part of Gaza? didn’t they give the Palestinians a thriving flower industry in that part of Gaza? And didn’t the Palestinians destroy that business? I care about the children there and if the parents of these children would quit their hatred towards Israel, there could be peace. Don’t they spend all the money that America sends them on tunnels and weapons to take out Israel? Sorry about the assumptions before. I should know better. And you could be nicer too.

          • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

            I am very nice when not being called a natsi by an anonymous troll. You could be more knowledgeable and logical.

            For instance, if Oklahoma City was overrun by violent thugs who killed thousands and forced hundreds of thousands out of their homes to build upon the ashes. Should Oklahomans give the violent military occupier that just stole their territory and killed their families, flowers? Perhaps candy?

            Sometimes I am just appalled at the lack of logic by so many in this conflict.

            Israel was created in Palestine. There were Palestinians there. Palestinians that have been there at least since 70 AD, the time the last temple was destroyed. Palestinians who made clear since the ‘teens during the last century, that they did not want a foreign entity foisted upon them against their will.

            But the Yishuv, that the Jewish community in Palestine, decided to mount terrorist groups to agitate for statehood and drive out Palestinians and the British alike. (I beg you to read a book on the subject, I get very tired of repeating history that anyone can read for themselves, indeed, go to the online Truman Presidential Library and read the Israel source documents.)

            At it’s height, the British estimated that there were more than five thousand terrorists that were led by Menachem Begin for the Irgun and other from the Stern Gang to LEHI. You might look up who assassinated Lord Moyne and who he was, and why it was important. Israel was created out of pure terror that was so successful, Al Qaeda had Begin’s book, The Revolt, and other Jewish terrorist literature in their well-stocked library discovered by US Marines in Afghanistan after 9/11.

            In short, Al Qaeda learned their tactics from the Irgun and Stern and LEHI, the Palmach, the Haganah.

            When you don’t even know the factual history of how Israel was created, then you really should not be commenting on it.

            The Irgun did things like pack milk cans with explosives, and NAILS, to maximize harm to civilians, and then, detonated secondary devices against the first-responders. Sound familiar?

            The Irgun liked coordinated multi-city bombings all going off at the same time for maximum terrorist effect, sound familiar?

            The Irgun liked IED’s to blow up British tanks and jeeps and anything else they didn’t like. Sound familiar?

            Al Qaeda and others, including some Latin American oldies but not-so-goodies, learned the techniques that they used from the Irgun, the largest and deadliest Jewish terrorist group in pre-Israel, in Palestine.

            I urge you to stop calling people natsis, it really pisses people off. And I urge you to go to a public library and read some textbooks about the subject because everything you have told me thus far shows me that you have no Earthly idea about the facts of this conflict, and why it started, and why the Palestinians should not be blamed for resisting an illegal invader who killed their families and stole their land and Ethically Cleansed more than 750,000 innocent Palestinians from their homes.

            First of all, under international law it is perfectly valid and legal for them to resist the illegal occupation. And second of all, if the same thing was happening to you and your peeps you would do the same thing.

            I know this because I would and we did, when we were faced with it hundreds of years before there was international law, Geneva Conventions, and UN resolutions.

      • CrusadaB

        I keep my stuff secret because of whiny small minded people like you who would prolly send someone to my house and kill me.

  • NUTZ

    This dude is certifiably nuckin-futs.

  • Muawiyah

    Definitely a weird site.

  • USMC84

    Found you Michael – Santa Fe is nice this time of year

    • http://bbsnews.net/ Michael Hess

      Yes, yes it is. Springtime in the High Desert is delightful. Of course that’s not what you meant…