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BBSNews started in 1990. We started out as Bulletin Board System News, you know, BBSNews. And of course over the years BBSNews morphed into much more than that, what some used to call”alternative news”. A full featured news site that covered politics and world affairs and science and technology and weather and all the things you would associate with a news site.

Twenty years later I took a break. The domain was hacked by some scum-suckers somewhere, I let it sit. I had other things filling my plate yet now, I feel compelled to come back because even the most respected traditional news has turned largely into pure bullshit.

Some of the most respected news organizations are ruined as mere infotainment to the corporations that they are beholden to, they, those that used to be respected journalists, will bump up against the truth and then not tell it. They just stop short. Bullshit.

For many years, in comments both here and elsewhere, snarky commenters shortened our service mark and often called BBSNews “bs news”. Well now it is time to fulfill your wish. I hereby christen the reopened BBSNews as Better Bull Shit News.

I will still have two solid sources for each “controversial” item that people always seem to be offended by. I will still cover the facts about the Israeli Palestinian conflict and American politics. And as ever, I will not shy away from the truth.

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Michael Hess

About the editor of BBSNews Michael Hess

I started writing and editing BBSNews in 1990. Back in the Bulletin Board System (BBS) days. My pursuit of factual and reality based information informs my worldview. The ever evolving BBSNews contains local Santa Fe, New Mexico news and national and international news, politics, science, medicine, space and foreign policy.