1491s Ryan RedCorn Pays Homage to Chief Wahoo

Published February 1, 2018

PAWHUSKA, OKLAHOMA – Ryan RedCorn, a member of the Native comedy group, 1491s, paid homage to Chief Wahoo, who is being retired from the Cleveland Major League Baseball team after the 2018 baseball season. Long considered offensive–and even racist–the demise of Chief Wahoo is not coming too soon for American Indians.

RedCorn posted the following to his Facebook page:

“This species, believed to be caucasoid in origin, first appeared in 1948 and thrived for decades in environments ripe with social oppression. Primitive in nature and unable to adapt, this species, like it’s evolutionary cousins, is now in constant decline. Once seen as winners during the neolithic advertising era, Chief Wahoos were discovered harming children in their spare time. Increased environmental pressure and economic competition from more sophisticated species has reduced Chief Wahoos’ numbers. Driving Wahoos onto remote spaces with little to no resources to survive couple with eradication policies to ensure they will not return to the prominence they once enjoyed. Collaboration with Ben Brown — at Buffalo Nickel Creative (BNC3).”

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