Chef Jose Andres says he was shut out of party with Ivanka Trump

Chef Jose Andres caused brief Twitter controversy Sunday after he said a Washington restaurant barred him from an event because the owner though his presence would make Ivanka Trump uncomfortable.

By Sunday afternoon, after the parties talked on the phone rather than over Twitter, everyone was friends again.

"Thank you Cafe Milano DC,  Franco Nuschese! I was a guest of the Alfalfa Club Dinner 2018  'everyone' welcome to the after party, but I’m the only individual not allowed in?" Andres wrote on Twitter. "Is because Ivanka Trump told you so? You should be ashamed of yourself Franco."

Nuschese said he was sorry for the misunderstanding, but said that Andres wasn't on the guest list for the after party.

"The dinner and after party are different guest lists," Nuschese said. "Ivanka Trump had no role on determining event attendees."

Nuschese told the Washington Post the party had a strict 150-person guest list, which included Apple CEO Tim Cook and former Secretary of State John Kerry.

Andres later said on Twitter that he had spoken with Ivanka Trump.

"I believe now that you personally had nothing to do," with the decision, Andres said of Ivanka Trump.

Andres, a successful restaurateur, has been a vocal critic of President Donald Trump, particularly Trump's policies on immigration and the administration's response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

Andres has been very active with relief efforts on the island. In recent months, his company has served thousands of meals for Puerto Ricans struggling after the hurricane.

Even before Trump was elected president, Andres clashed with the real estate mogul. Andres dropped plans to open a restaurant in Trump's Washington hotel after Trump launched his campaign with attacks on Mexican immigrants. 

Trump sued the chef for breach of contract. The lawsuit was settled last year, but the terms of the settlement weren't disclosed.

Earlier this month, Andres wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post about Trump's recent moves on immigration. 

"The Trump administration’s decision to revoke protective status for Salvadorans (affecting 200,000 immigrants living in the United States, including 32,000 in the Washington area), Haitians (59,000 immigrants) and possibly Hondurans (86,000 immigrants) has thrown families across the country into chaos," Andres wrote. "This policy shift also has the potential to devastate my industry and hurt the overall economy."

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